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December 28, 2010

The Rascal who melts my heart…

She couldn’t find herself a spot. She’d sit, lay, walk, scoot closer to me and cried. I knew that she knew it was almost time. I walked from room to room thinking if I’ve forgotten anything and she’d be at my ankles keeping up with every step. Upstairs, downstairs, from the bathroom, into the suitcase… She was there. I kept asking if we could take her along, but secretly didn’t want to deal with the twelve hour drive with annoying barking, whining and licking. It didn’t surprise me to hear that Vitaliy thought the same way… Except I told him I’d deal with all of that, only for him to let her come. The answer stayed no.

It was a long 15 hour drive and I missed my Subie more than words could describe. I’ve never missed anyone that much! Deep inside I knew that she would have been miserable if I did drag her along, because a 15 hour drive was even hard on me!

Though I still wonder how she feels about me abandoning her like that =/

Happy Tuesday!

December 14, 2010

The one that made me feel warm and fuzzy…

I remember driving by the store on that rainy January night. I looked up from the road, leaned across the passenger’s seat, and squinted my eyes to see that one of a kind dress standing in that Bridal store window. It was a dream-like moment. It was the same dress that I was telling everyone I wanted. I described it over and over and over again to hundreds of people, all asking me what dress I wanted.

My mom told me they don’t make dresses like that. When I showed her a picture off the internet, she started saying they won’t have those here. So that night when I drove down that turning road, I saw it standing there waiting to be worn by me! It was as if there were no other dresses in that window but that one. Glowing, shinning, sparkling even on a cold, rainy night.   Mom, they DO have those dresses here!

I scheduled an appointment and lucky for me, my sister-in-law works there, so she told me to come in when there’d be no one there but me…  I would have a much more pleasant time that way =]  She picked out a few dresses, all of different styles, and said that I might like a style but I will hate it after I see how it looks on me…  I asked her to try the one in the window, she smiled, and said it’d be no problem at all.  She carried about ten dresses to the dressing rooms and I tried the one from the window first.  It was gorgeous!  I fell in LOVE with it the moment she tied the lace in the back.  It felt juuuuust right sitting there on me.  When we walked out into the open platform surrounded by mirrors, I couldn’t stop looking at myself.  It wasn’t a dream-like moment anymore…  It was right there in front of me!

Everyone asked if I was ready to go with this one, and I said yes.  But they thought that I should try on the other ones and see if I’ll like a different one better…  Perhaps I’d like a different style more than this one.  I went along and tried all of them…  I didn’t like them at all.  There was only one or two that I didn’t mind, but I didn’t LOVE it either.  So then they asked me to get back into the first one, and see if everyone still liked it as much as we did the first time…  Two hours later I bought the dress and I was one happy girl!

These are the only images I could find of my dress…  I know I have a whole lot more, but I didn’t feel like digging around and looking for them, so I hope you’ll get a feel of what the dress really looked like.  The idea of sharing my “wedding dress finding experience” was a friend’s of mine idea…  So I’d love to hear your stories!