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January 28, 2011

Monday Madness!

You see in my world, my week starts with a Friday…  For multiple reasons…  It’s the day before the weekend, it’s easier to start the day knowing that you have the next two off, and everyone is up for getting together on Friday, parties/get-together’s and such.  So I prefer to like Friday much more than Monday…  But since Friday Madness doesn’t exist, we’ll just stick with the title Monday Madness!

This past week I have somehow came across the most coolest blogs, videos, songs, brands, and gadgets/Apps/widgets, or anything else I feel like sharing…  I’m not a selfish type of person, so I’d like to share them with you guys…  Let me know what you think!

The Blog’s:

Jullian Smith

[Read his BIO and I guarantee you’ll be inspired!]

The one in the Pink

[This girl can find anything to blog about and make it an interesting post!  So glad I found her!]

Edmund Prieto

[An amazingly talented photographer based in Orange County CA…  Read his BIO, you’ll see he’s truly passionate about what he does]


The Video’s:

Tree’s Hate You!

[Ok this wasn’t discovered this week, but I just couldn’t resist sharing it with you guys]



One Day

[Ok this is probably the most impressive thing ever… A JEW singing REGGAE! Can it get any cooler?]

I’m a Professional

[This song will tell you how I feel =D ]

The Brand’s:


[Amazing clothing at incredible prices]

Leather Craftsmen Albums

[So this one was also NOT discovered this week, but I just couldn’t resist not sharing this with you guys.]

The App’s:

Intelligentsia Coffee and Tea IPhone App

[I’ve been familiar with this coffee for a while now, but just this week I made a new discovery about their IPhone App… This is perfect for my “Coffee Addicted Buddy” in So Cal]

Instagram App

[This app was NOT discovered this week, but three weeks ago, and I felt the urge to share this with all you IPhone lovers/havers/wanters… "With Instagram, everyone becomes an Instaphotographer!"

Happy Friday Guys! Hope you enjoy this as much as I did!

January 26, 2011

Despite everything, I still love snow!

I truly love snow!  I stay 100% loyal to it from the beginning of every winter to the very last day.  Some like to call it a “loving relationship”…   But everyone cracks and today was “almost” that day.

It took me around 40 minutes to drive to Ann’s, when usually its only a 15 minute drive.  Then it took us around 20 minutes to get to mom’s from Ann’s which is a 5 minute drive.  Driving back to Ann’s took about 10 minutes longer then the first time.  We got stuck on her driveway for a few minutes and almost drove off into a 10 foot deep ditch.  Scary!  After finally dropping her off I headed home.

When I got on the main road, I got stuck in serious none-moving traffic…  I stood there for an hour.  I could see the stop light about 1000 feet in front…  It turned green about a few dozen times before I lost my patience, turned my car around, and headed back.  The detour was a complete loop since I was basically home.  The highway though was completely clear though with about three cars.

Despite all the downfalls on this disastrous day, I still love snow!


Happy Snowy Wednesday!

January 25, 2011

The lime green, the white, the office!

As you can see, I’ve become extremely lazy/busy…  I’m not even exactly sure which one.  I’d like to go with busy, but you never know.  I’ve been working late nights on a huge big business project of mine…  Trying to personalize it and make it as much “ME” in it as possible.  Let’s just say it’s a lot harder and more time consuming than I had hoped for.  It’ll most likely not even be finished in the next month or two…  So a head’s up on whatever is coming!

Now for those of you who asked me about my “office”,  I took the time to snap a few pictures and share the little room I work in, and call my Office.  I can be nice at times…


I ALWAYS have candles in here…  And my huge artistic sketch book used for “To-Do” lists!

And of course Subie is in here with more candles!

Happy Tuesday!

January 19, 2011

The Dog with the Pink Scarf!

Waking up early doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to have a long successful day of lots of work being done…  Gandhi should have prepared me a little better for that.  The whole phrase of waking up early to get everything done is sort of misread really.  Think about it.  If you wake up early you’ll be tired, cranky, exhausted, and you won’t want to do anything.  So the whole day you’re just going to trash into the waste basket!  As the opposite with waking up late (1 pm) and feeling that you’ve already wasted half the day sleeping, you’re going to want to do as much as possible in the remaining hours that you’ll have.  Just a thought…

Since I did wake up early and I was cranky and sleepy, I decided to go back into crocheting!  It’s a great way to waste time, unless you have a dog to make things for…  Since dog clothing is so unreasonably expensive I got on the internet to look up ways for cheaper alternatives (cheaper is always the best)…  I found that you can make a sweater out of a sock!  Really!?  They fit?!  Because I highly doubt I have socks big enough for my dog to fit into.  So I took out my long forgotten crocheting hooks and got to work!

Now when you’ll see her wear it, you’ll know the story of waking up early and wasting time on a puny scarf!

I even put a button on it…  We all know how obsessive I get over buttons!

Happy Wednesday!

January 16, 2011

Those boots are made for walking!

We packed the camera gear, I straightened my hair for the first time in months, and Vitaliy took about half a minute to dress up.  Arriving at Stuanton we found a pretty wall and took our portraits there…  We honestly don’t have normal pictures of ourselves, so I thought that it was time to do so…  It was freezing though, as you will see I changed my Spring jacket for the Winter coat!  Finishing off we found an adorable place to do our “together shot” and wrapped it up for the day…  And to warm up the evening, we got a nice warm cup of coffee with a sweet couple!  Such an amazing way to spend the day!

Enjoy the only portrait shots we have…

I simply ADORE my 5d!

The tripod seemed to do the job juuuust right.

Argue all you want, but mirror shots are the best!  Remember those boots?  Well I wear them everywhere now, because my boots are made for walking!

Happy early Sunday!

January 8, 2011

It was a very good year…

This post should have been posted a month ago…  The reason being I honestly didn’t have enough days in my week to do so I’m doing it now…  A week into the new year and I’ve finally gotten around to doing it.  It was a very wonderful year.  2010 gave me so much to be thankful for that I honestly wouldn’t know where to start.

I bought my first DSLR in April 2010.  It was my 7d, that is now across America, and belongs to a very happy young man.  And I’m a happy lady to have my 5d now…  Win, win, situation.

My very first shoot was of a very sweet young lady, Kristina, which was kind enough to let me photograph her…  I didn’t know anything about my camera back then, in fact I didn’t even open up the users manuel until long after her shoot.  But we had fun and that’s all that matters.

My first wedding as a back up was the following month, in May.  It was hot and it was one looong day.  The couple was incredibly fun to photograph so open to ideas and never once complained about being tired!  Marta & Yev, thank you again for risking so much with us. ;]  The first wedding is always an incredible experience.

My first alone wedding -as well as my first travel wedding- was in July.  The beautiful couple, Margarita & John…  Such a pleasure it was to be close to family and be more than just a part of their wedding.

The very first paid engagement was an amazing time spent with the incredibly funny couple Yana & Walter.  It was our very first paid wedding also, which was a beautiful day with much love and laughter.

And of course all the little shoots and we did in between…  Emily Nichole, Tammy, Inna, Brandy & Jake, Little Baby Natalie Ann, Victoria & Vasily, Nadia & MikeTaylor & Dustin, Lena & Dmitry, Bondaruk family, Ludmila & Vlad, Anna & Adam, and my lovely Sis…  If I missed someone, please forgive me.

Looking back, I can honestly say that I wouldn’t have gotten anywhere if it wouldn’t have been for God.  He was there for me every step of the way.  Looking out for me and knowing what time is best.  When I wanted to rush into something, he stopped me for my own good.  And thank you all for the support!

A look back at the 2010 weddings & Engagements!


January 7, 2011

The long awaited, anticipated packages

Head phones in ears, jamming out to some italian music, while trying to learn Italian.  How impossible does that sound?  If you ask me, it sounds impossible enough to be a mission.  Oh yeah, while texting and along with that checking up on my downloading music.  I don’t know why statistics claim that women are better multi-taskers because it sure isn’t working out to well for me.

Anyway while I was doing all of that, I missed the doorbell going off…  Luckily I’ve got Subie to bark her little fanny off and warn me that someone’s at the door.  One huge box, weighing about a pound if not less, with a whole lot of styrofoam and a small box buried deep inside containing a precious lens.  They sure know how to package something so fragile.

Remember the time I got my boots in the mail?  The whole dream-like moment thing?  Well this was a billion times better, because shortly after that another package arrived, containing another lens.  I didn’t expect both of them to come by the same day so I gave out a little yelp of joy. Aaaaaahhhhhhh!

Of course I had to take pictures of them….  (taken with a 50mm 1.8)

The following image was taken with the 100mm 2.8 Macro….

And this little pup here is my long-awaited wide-angle…  It’s such a fierce lens I can’t handle it! No really… The best thing about it is it doesn’t distort the subject like most of the wide-angle lenses do.  It’s simply marvelous!

Have a marvelous day everybody!

January 6, 2011

Downtown Staunton Lifestyle: My lovely Sis and her beloved Cooper

“I have absolutely no pictures of me with my car!”  She explained.  I processed her words through my brain a few thousand times in light speed.  I started freaking out a little because I’ve never took pictures of a car before.  I thought good location all in shade, lots of room, and no one to bug us.  Where are we going to find all of those?

“What about there?”  I turn my head and look to where she’s pointing.  It was PERFECT!  And when you have a good cup of coffee, everything turns out juuuust right!  Enjoy!

The next pictures were taken a week before the downtown ones.

January 4, 2011

This is how I babysit…

I asked her if she wanted to see a cartoon.  She said, yes.  Five minutes into the movie I asked her if it was interesting her.  She said, no.  I asked what she wanted to do.  She said watch animals.  I asked her if she wanted to see National Geographic’s.  She said, yes.  About a minute into this movie, she said she’s already bored.

I asked her if she wanted to go take a walk to the park.  She said, yes.  We took Subie, bundled up, and went…  It was so cold, that we decided to turn right back home and take the car instead.  The park was less than a minute drive away, but walking it would have taken us about 10 minutes.  Arriving there we went down the slide a few times and agreed that the idea itself sounded like more fun than it really was.  We headed back home.  Hot Cocoa?  She said, yes.

That’s how our typical wintery cold Tuesday passed.

Olrighty…  My first attempt with my 5d.  f/1.8 50mm…  ISO 1600!!!!  This is where the funny story starts…  I don’t know what happened to me but I completely forgot about the ISO.  So all that grain that you see, thats the reason for it!  No wonder my shutter speed had to be cranked up to 8000!  Poo!

Waiting for the Hot Cocoa…


Poor Natalie Ann missed out on all that hot cocoa drinking fun!

January 1, 2011


It’s not how I imagined it to happen.  It was different.  Much different.  A better different.  All that walking, traffic, people honking, and eating sushi take out, but it was one epic New Year’s Eve.  At exactly mid-night we met the New Years Eve with fireworks exploding around the city.  It was simply amazing!

Now for my New Years Resolution…  I’ve got only one thing!  To be a better person.  More loving, caring, respectful, and kind!  Learn how to love my friends but love my enemies more.  Learn how to do good for nothing…  And never ever give up!


They showed fireworks to a few songs, the last one ended up to be Katy Perry and I decided to post this video in particular rather than the other five that I made. =]


Very first attempt at shooting fireworks:

Decided to try it out with a slower shutter speed, and get it blurrier:

This one turned out to be sort of a mistake, but I just love the perfect shape that one of the fireworks made…  It’s the one on the very bottom, if you haven’t figured it out yet.

Happy New Years Everyone!  Hope it’s a good one!