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June 28, 2011

Airplane mode OFF + My poor poor Rascal

So it’s Tuesday!  And my phone is back on and I’m ready to go another week!  We have come back from our little mini vacation and couldn’t have been happier to get back to work.  We’ve been gone for three days and it felt like weeks!  You see I’m the type of person that can’t handle too much vacation.  Yes, I love to get away every now and then, but I get work & home sick extremely fast.  I love what I do and I couldn’t be away from it for more than three days and the bed is always better at home.

We left Subie over at my parents house while we were gone.  When we picked her up she seemed great, but this morning she wasn’t herself.  She was throwing up, her tail was down, and when she walked she swayed from side to side.  I rubbed her tummy and for a while she seemed to feel better but after sometime she went back to vomiting.  I tired to think of a way to make her feel better and remembered how we fixed the same issue last year.  We gave her alcohol and raw egg.  Alcohol to kill the virus and the egg keeps the alcohol from burning her insides.  And she instantly felt better…  As you can see…

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Happy Tuesday!

June 24, 2011

iPhone Friday + Airplane mode

As much as I think you guys love the iPhone Friday, I decided it’s time for another one.  These have been taken over about a month or two,  so they’re sorta Oldies.  All of the images have been on Instagram, and have been filtered through there as well.  I hope you guys enjoy and have a wonderful weekend.

And as of tonight, my phone is going on Airplane mode, till Tuesday.

Happy Friday!

June 22, 2011

A mistake, omission, solecism + The fix

So a few days ago (a week ago) I posted a shoot from Asheville, NC.  I was extremely excited about sharing those images, but when I posted them the colors were horribly desaturated and I was very upset and disappointed…   So I started searching for the right site to upload my images through and I landed on SmugMug.  I immediately fell in love.  Yes, it was a little difficult to transition to, but eventually I got somewhat used to it and soon will be a pro SmugMugger ;)…  So I went back and uploaded the same shoot to SmugMug and the colors did NOT desaturate!  I was incredibly excited, you have no idea! :)  Then I thought I’d post both examples side by side and you guys can finally see the difference I was talking about.


The funny part is I never noticed this desaturation defect of PhotoBucket, until THIS particular photo shoot!  Then I went back and compared all the other shoots and their original files and they didn’t look any different, so now I have NO idea why this particular shoot was so special and had to be desaturated :/.  Any ideas, please share.




Even the B&W is different somehow…














 Happy Wednesday!

June 20, 2011

Bridgewater Fashion Shoot :: Victoria

So it’s finally up!  I know there are a few of you guys that simply couldn’t wait for this one…  I don’t blame ;)  There has also been a few of you that asked about my SOOC pictures from this shoot…  I’ll try to post them soon hopefully sometime this week…  I don’t promise, but I’ll try.  This has been a very fun shoot and quite a successful one!  Vick did an incredible job and I couldn’t have been more thankful for her waking up at 6 am  and walking through rain and wet grass.  THANK YOU!

In other news…  I have successfully moved from PhotoBucket to SmugMug and so far loving it!  I do have a lot of transferring and getting used to, so wish me luck.  I hope you enjoy this long post and give me some feedback on it.  Thanks guys for being here today!

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Happy Monday!

June 17, 2011

The very first fashion shoot :: Sneak Peak

To say that I think this is one of the very best photo shoots that I’ve ever done, would be the truth.  Because honestly the colors on this card were a-m-a-z-i-n-g!  Or so I thought.  They were just the right amount of warm and creamy.  And this time I fixed my colors problem with a different uploading program.  I AM THROUGH WITH PHOTOBUCKET!  It was great while it served me with what I thought did a good job…  But after it started playing tricks on me with my colors, it needed to go.  I don’t know whether or not it has always been doing that to my pictures but I noticed just the last post.  So goodbye photobucket!

In other news…  Enjoy the photo and keep on guessing. ;)


Happy Friday!

June 16, 2011

Our first date…

Dressing as casual as I possibly could, I pulled on a pair of plain blue jeans and a plain white tee.  As plain as it gets.  My hair was down and I was ready to go.  He came to the door and asked my mom if I was ready to go.  She went to call me and I waited for it pretending I didn’t hear the doorbell, because well let’s face it, I was a bit nervous.  I came to the foyer where he was waiting for me in a dress shirt.  And now almost three years later, I’ll admit I felt like I should have dressed up a bit more.  On the way to the local Italian restaurant, l’Italiya we talked about this and that (I honestly don’t remember what we were talking about, but not like that matters), and it felt like we were friends for years!

We were seated by a very sweet girl.  She told him the specials, what she’d recommend, and what wines he should order.  He had some questions and she explained very politely by looking in his eyes when talking and answering all his questions with full explanations.  She first took his order with her back towards me.  When it came to my order, and I was explaining what I wanted she showed no eye contact to me.  She didn’t nod while writing anything.  When I asked her a few questions, she answered to him instead of me, who was asking.  It was really weird.  I was a little confused as to what she was doing, not liking her attitude towards me.

When she finally left us to our food, we looked at each other, made faces and laughed about it.  Nothing mattered in that moment.  The amazing Italian food was tasteless, the crowded room was empty, and the quiet radio station turned to love songs was blasting just for us in that moment.  Everything seemed to be upside down because it felt right.  I have found my best friend.


Happy  Thursday!

June 15, 2011

Emily’s 2 Bee Day party + Bear with me

Emily is a very special little girl.  Long story short of how I know her and who she is to me.  She is the daughter of one of my very best friends, Lena.  I’m sure I’ve mentioned her here on my blog a numerous amount of times, and that’s still not enough because of all that she’s done for me.  Lena and I have been friends for YEARS!  She moved away when she was 16 and we stayed long-distant-friends while she lived in NYC and then Chicago…  Finally years later she, her husband, and Emily have found their way back to me in good ol’ Virginia, where we were able to plan and celebrate Miss. Emily’s 2nd year Birthday party this past Sunday afternoon.

In other news, continuing with my colors issue…  I’ve figured out why my colors are so off.  You see I fixed the Lightroom, Photoshop, and Preview problem so now the colors there look all the same.  But now there’s the problem when I upload my pictures online.  They turn de-saturated.  So for now bear with me and these horrible colors for I will hopefully have this problem fixed…  Soon.  Thank you all.

(Bare with me = Get naked with me)

(Bear with me = stay patient with me…  It most certainly does not mean the animal bear!  Trust me I checked ;) )




Group shot!




Happy Wednesday!

June 14, 2011

Downtown Asheville Lifestyle :: Yana & Nick

These two have been happily married for three years this past May.  And on their desktop computer they have had the same picture since last October, so we decided they HAVE to have at least one new picture this time….  Now they have a little more than one. ;)

Now in other news I need a little help…  Those of you who understand me can you please look through these pictures and tell me what’s wrong with the colors?!  And then explain to me why the picture is SO different on my camera screen, in lightroom, preview, and photoshop?  And then when I post it the picture is so much different than everywhere else?!  I’m extremely confused.  Is it a settings thing?  Or is it just technology tripping?  Is there a way to fix it and make the pictures look the same everywhere???  HELP!

(Please email me your advices/opinions ::

Happy Tuesday!

June 13, 2011

Monday Madness +

These Monday Madness blog posts take me forever to put together.  And now that I decided to post pictures of the blogs, apps, etc. it takes even longer.  So now I really hope you enjoy these Monday Madness blog posts, because they are made for you!  So, here we go…  Just click on the pictures to go to the site.


[An average craft blog, but still something special about it that caught my eye]

[Another craft blog, but this one is pretty amazing]

[Love this one!  Taking no credit in finding this one, a friend’s recommendation]

[Some of you guys may remember Steele from the Swannanoa Mansion Engagement session.  Well Steele has this amazing blog called Crucify.  He started it awhile ago and just recently started a new topic on the Doctrine of Election.  So I strongly suggest those who are interested in such a topic to check it out and ask questions so we all can learn, grow, and know together as a family in Christ.]

[Vitaliy and Nina Kuchkovskiy have started their photography blog and it is an absolute must that everyone heads on over there and checks them out!  Because they are great!]


[Game app ::  So much fun and completely harmless.  Especially fun for kids.]

[Game app :: Super addicting and possibly the best game app ever created!]

[Game app ::  A great strategy game.  Makes you think and has a whole lot of levels.]


[Helpful app ::  I prefer this notes app over the original notes iPhone app.  Definitely helps me to remember things better]

[Helpful app ::  This app is so incredibly helpful.  I honestly use this app almost everyday.  And if I ever go travel to China or something I’ll be using this non-stop.  And the best part about it, is it’s FREE!]

[THE BEST BIBLE APP that I have found so far.  It doesn’t read the passages though.  It’s got a huge variety of languages and versions.]


[Amazing slippers and bags]


[Found this guy to be incredibly talented!]

Happy Monday!

June 11, 2011

A personal home Lifestyle :: Julia

Julia.  Just turned 15.  Recently got a second puppy that she loves dearly.  Draws incredibly amazing.  Plays piano.  Uses and loves the HTC.  Has a younger sister, Liza.  Loves “That 70’s show”.  Is on the path to be one awesome interior designer.  Is a great host.  Looks exactly like her mommy.  Totally related to me.  A big Facebook addict.  Prefers texting over calling.  Has great taste in fashion.  Super sweet and absolutely adorable.  And I love her oh. so. dearly!

Look at those eyes ;)

Hansy and Julia.  Julia and Hansy.

Her custom made toys…  Makes me want some.

I love this girl!

I love this one…


Such a great dog…  I want it.

Some of her art work.


And then she changed into something a little more comfortable.  Something a little more like her.

My absolutely favorite!

And these are not posed…  She was actually talking to her mom, and I thought these two really show a big part of her.

And her little sister…

Happy Saturday!