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September 21, 2011

Week Two :: CFV Diet

It’s been two weeks…  Last, last Wednesday I started a little thing called the Vegan diet.  Mine came with a little more of a twist though.  I decided to exclude caffeine as well, and so I survived my first two weeks.  It wasn’t the vegan part that was killing me though, it was the no caffeine that really got to me.  You see I’m a girl who loves her steak, but loves her morning coffee, MORE!  The caffeine is really helping me block out the whole meat part.  So this is me sharing all the gritty details of the Caffeine Free Vegan Diet!

First you have to decide what your reasons are for doing the diet.  Then you can move on to step two and move on from there…

FIRST STEP (Reason for dieting)::   Weight loss, health issues, or Animal rights?

Weight Loss ::  Use a BMI (Body mass index) calculator.  Here a few :  Click HERE, HEREHERE and for kids HERE.  Figure out how much you need to loose to be normal weight and set a goal to loose that much.  If you are normal weight but feel like you still want to loose a few pounds, figure out how much you can loose before being underweight.  Remember being underweight is just as unhealthy as being overweight if not worse.

Health Issues ::  This is the biggest reason for me.  For about two years now I’ve been feeling dizzy, constantly complaining about stomach pains, and always feeling exhausted without doing the slightest of work.  I couldn’t figure out why exactly.  I was in great shape, swimming, jogging, exercising constantly and felt like I was the weakest person alive.  I thought I ate healthy, let me rephrase that…  I tried to eat healthy.  Little did I know there’s a fine line between healthy and unhealthy.

Animal Rights ::   “And there came a voice to him: ‘Rise, Peter; kill and eat’.” Acts 10:13;  A wonderful article I found HERE…  If someone does feel this way, I advise you to speak to your Pastor.

NEXT STEP :: According to your reason for dieting, the next step you should take is deciding how vegan you’re going to be.  The true vegans go all out!  No fish, no meat, no cheese, milk, honey, gelatin, eggs, butter, etc.  In short terms nothing that once moved/was alive and nothing that came for something that once moved/was alive.  My diet is as vegan as it gets.  So if you decide to just go with no meat, milk, and eggs…  Than that’s your thing and I have no doubt you’ll make it work.

THIRD STEP :: After you’ve decided what you can and cannot eat, it’s time to go through that fridge and cabinets.  You know, the ones filled with all that stuff you can’t eat now?  If its a box of dry food that won’t go bad in three months than you can put it in a box and store all those foods for three months in a closet.  Away from temptations.  If you’re the only one in a household of two, three, four, so on, then you might as well convince everyone to diet with you, or deal with your temptations.  After you’ve gone through all the foods you can’t eat…  Find something you can and eat, while you write yourself a list of all the ingredients you’ll need to buy the next day.

FOURTH STEP :: Writing the list of all the recipes, foods, or ingredients you’ll need is probably the toughest part about this diet.  It’s really easy to forget what you can’t have.  I use FOODGAWKER to constantly update my menu…  At the bottom of the website you’ll notice categories.  Find the Vegan category and stay up as late as you want looking up your vegan desserts, lunch snacks, dinners, and breakfasts.  Trust me it’s easy to get carried away with all the yummy recopies you’ll see, so you’ll need to establish a budget.  I’m no person to give financial advice, so I’ll leave that part up to you guys.

LAST STEP ::  My Caffeine Free Vegan Diet only lasts for three months once a year.  Yes, I decided to make this a part of my life, not just once a lifetime and forget all about it.  You see, the first week of my diet, I’ve noticed my dizziness going away.  My stomach pains forgot about bothering me and I was less exhausted.  So it works, I’ve tested it out on myself, and I lost five pounds IN ONE WEEK!  CFV is a healthy way to loose weight!  So in this last step, you need to ask yourself how long you’re going to do the diet for… Not how long you can last, but more of a determined goal.  A year?  Once every year?  A lifetime?  Each answer will be different.

MY DIETING and SUGGESTIONS ::  I suggest you add to this diet whole wheat grains.  No white bread, no white pasta, only whole wheat.  Preferably less sweets if none at all.  Stay away from hard candy as well, most of them have caffeine.  Drink at least two smoothies every day and drink plenty of water, ALWAYS.  Find a schedule that works best around your job, extra curricular activities, bed-time…  For example ::  You wake up at 7.  Breakfast strictly at 7:30.  You leave to work.  Lunch break at work is at 12pm.  You eat lunch strictly at 12pm.  You come home at 5pm.  So you grab a snack at work at exactly 3pm.  When you come home at 5pm, you start dinner.  You eat dinner at exactly 6pm.  You go to bed at 10pm.  So you grab a light snack at exactly 9pm.  By snacks I mean five celery’s, or an apple, you get the point.  Snack is not a bag of chips!  That’s unhealthy!

MAKING IT WORK ::  I’ve designed two different looks of the calendar.  The calendar will help you to make plans in advance, what you’ll have for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  The first calendar has a wide header.  That’s for any notes, such as your hourly plan, your goals, and of course the month you’re on.  The second one is a square, so you can print is as a 5×5 or a 3×3 and have it on the go with you…

A FEW EXAMPLES OF BREAKFAST ::  Oatmeal with frozen blue berries, strawberries, and raspberries, topped with 100% pure Maple Syrup.  And to finish off breakfast a berry smoothie.

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The Vegan pancakes,  Sided with frozen berries…  And a warm cup of caffeine free herbal tea.

I found the vegan pancakes on foodgawker ;)

Happy Wednesday! Hope to hear what you think of all this….

September 7, 2011

Day one :: The CFV Lifestyle

REASON FOR DIET :: For those not following me on Facebook or Twitter are probably extremely confused by the title…  So I’d like to start by saying CFV Diet is not a real diet.  At least not yet.  Until I get all the kinks worked out and experiment it on myself it’s just something I will be referring to as the diet I am on at the moment.  The reason I’m making this diet is because it’s my own personal diet, something to make me feel and look better.  The reason I’m on a diet is because my health has been falling downhill extremely fast and I realized in this society we are living a very unhealthy lifestyle.  Eating whatever we feel like and killing our metabolism and immune system.  With the CFV diet it’s more than just a diet, it’s a lifestyle.

THE DIET :: CFV Diet (Caffeine Free Vegan Diet)  My goal is to include a list of things into this diet that will help with eyesight and tooth decay.  The reason for that is, eyes and teeth are my weakest links and something that I consider should be extremely well taken care of.  Smoothies, a strict eating schedule, salad’s, and plenty of healthy snacks will play the major role.  As well as a well planed out exercise routine.

THE BAD PART :: It is caffeine free because caffeine isn’t good for you to start with.  It’s a drug, a legal one, but like any other drug it makes you feel good at the moment but in the long-run is bad for you.  The whole part about it being vegan is my least favorite part because everyone that knows me, knows just how much I love meat.  We’re like BFF’s!

THE GOOD PART :: I figured every diet should have a good part.  Since I can’t live without my Starbucks (or any kind of coffee for that matter) and meat, I decided to modify the least favorite parts of my diet just a tad.  Plus since meat, milk, and all that other yummy dairy stuff is really good for you, I knew I had to make a few minor changes.  The caffeine free will only last twice a year for a full month.  So thinking about it rationally its’ 10 out of 12 months, I’ll be good.  The vegan part is going to last for the first three months of each year, afterwards I’ll slowly try to incorporate small amounts of meat, milk, etc. into my every day meals.

THE STRICT EATING SCHEDULE, THE MENU, THE EXERCISE ROUTINE :: I am still working on these parts at the moment.  I will definitely share it with you once I figure this out…  Stay tuned for more!

Have an amazing Wednesday!

September 5, 2011

Erie Pennsylvania Wedding :: Ludmila & Vladimir

Lately I’ve been struggling with what to write… I’ve realized my vocabulary isn’t nearly as wide as I’d like it to be and when it comes to writing the right things about amazing couples, I can’t find the right words to describe just how amazing they are.  Sure I can say they are extraordinarily, unbelievably, incredibly, amazing…  But I still feel like you have no idea what I’m talking about…  You see my brides are out-of-this-world!  Every. Single. One of them!  And when something or someone is out-of-this-world-amazing,  you have to have an out-of-this-world word for them.  Sadly, I’m still in the search for these words.  I promise I’ll let you know right away when I find them. ;)

Ludmila and Vladimir I am absolutely honored to have witnessed your communion.  Thank you for the amazing opportunity that you have given me.  I simply couldn’t be more happier or blessed to have had your wedding as my last this year.  You two were just filled with so much love and care for one another, it made me not want to leave you guys at all.  I fell in love with every little thing about you two!  May God use you in a great way!

Much love and appreciation,


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