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February 29, 2012

Leap Year Conspiracy + Thunder Guy

I awoke to a loud thunder-clap and the shacking of our home.  Subie, the little rascal, was so frightened.  She tried growling, barking, hiding from the thunder but nothing seemed to work in her favor.  Eventually she realized that climbing under the covers and pressing against me were her best odds.  When it thundered and she shook, I was right there to comfort her and tell her it’s going to be ok.  Even though, I needed to be told the same thing.  I’m not the best of friends with this thunder guy, (lighting on the other hand I like very much) resulting in the fact that spring is not my favorite time of the year.

This is the year that February celebrates one extra day.  February 29th!  I envy those people who were born on this day, have an anniversary, or something big like that, because it makes them appreciate that special day much more than us that celebrate it every year.  So to everyone… Happy Happy Leap Year! To those who’s celebrating a birthday…  Happy Happy Birthday!  And to those who are celebrating an anniversary (my cousin who has been married over 15 years and everyone else that I don’t know of)  Happy Happy Anniversary! I can’t think of any other special occasions at the moment but you know what I’ll say if I would.

The title however doesn’t exactly shout out that Leap Year is a good thing so here’s my explanation why…  You know how some people are so smart and see all the little details (sort of like Sherlock Holmes) and they come to the conclusion that something must be a conspiracy?  Others are just crazy and they come up with all sorts of conspiracies, some that don’t even make sense.  But the point is, is that either way it’d be on the internet somewhere deep within its scary blue waters.  How come I haven’t found anything on Leap Year?  I did my googling to see if anyone found Leap Year to be the slightest bit suspicious and the only “Leap Year Conspiracy” I came across was a heavy metal band name.  I can’t say I was disappointed, because that just means that I’m the first person to say something about such a thing on the internet and that sort of makes me feel good, being the first.  I know about the whole reason why they made an extra day every four years, (to keep Easter on the same day and such) but couldn’t they have figured it out just by moving the days around, not necessarily adding a whole day?  So that kind of brought out a suspicion and I honestly thought there’d be at least one person out there questioning it as well.  I’m not crazy…  And I’m not saying that I think Leap Year is part of some conspiracy, I just thought it’d be a good thinking topic.  If your thinking caps are not on yet, please do put them on…

Over the last 2,000 year period there has been 500 extra days from Leap Years.  2,000/4 = 500…  Simple.  That’s a whole year,  four months and 15 days on top of the 2,000.  That’s a lot of extra days.  I’m not exactly sure where I’m going with this, (like I said I don’t think there’s a conspiracy) but I did find it somewhat interesting that to fix a problem of Easter moving around they added an extra day.

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February 28, 2012

Food journals + Keeping it real

(Have you ever had a something or someone who you were dying to share with a close friend or family member but you had to keep it secret for sometime?  Like for example you applied to a fancy college and you’re waiting for a reply…  You don’t go and tell everyone that you applied because if you don’t get accepted it will be somewhat of an embarrassment.  Well this post is a reminder to the future Me that I’m in such a position and I can’t forget this moment in my later years because it’s important to me how I feel now in the present.

On another note, I’d like to discuss the second day of this writing challenge.  It’s not as fun as I expected it to be.  And it’s hard to admit this, but when I awoke this morning, I knew that I had a blog post that needed to be written…  And I didn’t want to.  As simple as that.  I just didn’t want to.  It’s embarrassing and awful to admit that I’m so weak in my own promises, but like I mentioned in the above paragraph, I need to admit this out loud as a reminder for the future Me, for other’s to see that I’m not perfect and have flaws, and to keep it honest and real with myself.  I’m the type of person that needs to keep a food journal, just because seeing it written is a way I’m judged by myself.  That was tougher to admit than I thought.

I often wondered what the phrase “Keep it real” meant…  I think I understand now.  What it means to me is not acting, wishing, or trying to be like someone else out there.  I’ve done that before, I’ll admit it.  I’ve done that more times than I should have, but it made and formed me into who I am now.  Without keeping it real to myself back then, I understand and see who I’ve become and now don’t want to do that to myself anymore.  I simply want to be me.  Whether it makes me new friends or I end up loosing my currant ones, I don’t want to live a lie.  I don’t want people to like and friend lies.  I wouldn’t say I was acting, talking, or walking like one particular individual, I was simply not being open and completely honest by hiding my flaws.  I saw others and thought they were perfect, because they had everything, or they showed no weakness, or because they were so good at everything, and had no flaws.  Truth is, no one is perfect.  Everyone can’t have everything because it’s not humanly possible.  Showing weakness is a form of being strong.  Being good at everything is not possible, being mediocre at everything is, being good at one thing is perfectly balanced.  And who says flaws are a bad thing?  Flaws = Differences.   So here’s to showing my flaws, living and dreaming out loud, and being honest…  First with myself and then others.

And this is what my food looks like for the next 6 months…

Happy Tuesday!

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February 27, 2012

Challenge Accepted + A new, new diet

I’m feeling a certain urge to write… Non-stop.  So I challenged myself to write everyday sort of a big paragraph of 200 words.  More is acceptable but no less.  I would do it in the secret of a journal, but I realized this is my journal, not as secretive as I’d like it to be, but maybe that’s what makes it so much better.  Better because, if I make a promise/challenge secretly where I’m the only one that knows about it, than I’ll be less likely to do it.  And with all the people reading this blog, I simply have no other choice but to do it.  Remember that VEGAN DIET I did?  Well the only reason I stuck with it was because I made it public!  And boy am I glad I stuck through it to the end!

Now that I’m looking at my word count,  I’m beginning to think that 200 isn’t really a challenge.  So I think I’ll bump up the number to 500 since I just went through my posts and looked at how much my average blog posts are and they all say around 450…  Not quite 500 and I’m thinking that’s a better challenge.  So it’s final, 500 words it is.

THE WHAT’S :: What will I be writing about?  Well that will all depend on my mood, day, or surroundings.  It can be a MEMORY post, SUBIE-STORY post, PROBLEM post, etc.  You get it right?  But most of the time I’m almost certain it will be just me rambling on and on about the most random of things…  Such as the weather, thoughts, and silly ideas.

THE HOW’S ::  How long will I be doing this for?  I think I want to try and do this for a period of three months, but longer is always fun as well.  Or maybe I shall increase my word count as I go and keep doing this for the rest of my life?  :)

THE WHEN’S ::  When will I be writing?  Monday – Saturday…  Sunday I rest.

THE WHY’S ::  Why am I doing this challenge?  Well if you didn’t catch the very first sentence, go back and read it.  Secondly I want to improve my writing skills.  Third it reminds me of the good-ol’-days in High School where they made you write for 10 minutes about whatever comes to your head.  And that makes me smile.  Fourth it will keep you guys occupied during your boring office jobs.  And fifth I need to make this a habit (writing everyday a specific number of words) because I would love to write a novel someday…  Soon. ;)

With 72 words to go, I’d like to announce that I am back on a diet!  A new, new one though.  Not the same vegan one (CFV Diet) but a new one that my doctor suggests I do.  He thinks I may be Gluten and Lactose intolerant (which is like the scariest thing in the world for a gluten and lactose lover to hear), I need to stay on it for six months and he will then be able to tell if I’m allergic to them and if that’s what is making my stomach hurt.  But that would explain why my stomach didn’t hurt when I was vegan (since you can’t have dairy and most of the gluten foods have dairy products in them, so I couldn’t have most of the gluten foods either).   That is for another day though.

I am now 569 words and I don’t want to stop.  But I shall write again tomorrow.

Happy Monday!

February 22, 2012

The very late Valentine’s day post + before’s and after’s

Since I have started the Ultimate Craft and Food blog, Mud PiesI’ve been a little carried away with blogging there and then forgetting all about this blog.  Maybe that’s why people tend to stick to one blog…  And with my brain, I definitely should stick to one blog, but trying to convince myself of that, is tougher than you think.  Now I’m rambling…

I talked a little bit about the Valentine’s Day Picnic last time and promised that I’d share photos…  Which I did the next day but I forgot that it was on my other blog, HERE.  It was a wonderful picnic and the best part was that it was a budget-friendly kind of picnic.  By that I mean it was no more than $12.00 with everything.  I consider that as friendly as it will ever get.  It sure didn’t leave my wallet helplessly empty.  But this post isn’t about the picnic itself, if you want to know more of the details about it then you can read it on the Mud Pies blog post.  This post is about the before’s and after’s of the pictures that I took.

I haven’t done one of these in a long, long time.  I can start to explain why I’ve been so absent lately but it’ll be a long story.  It’ll be a post for another day.  Before I jump right in and share my B’s and A’s, I’d like to share a little bit about how my editing process goes.  I don’t use any Photoshop Actions, though I’d love to, they’d make my life so much easier…  I can’t exactly afford any of them at the moment.  So I improvise.  I use Adobe LightRoom 3.  It’s fast, easy to use, and it’s as flexible as I need it to be.  I can easily brush up on some areas, change the Kelvin, or sharpen in a matter of seconds.  That brings me to my next point.  My photoshopping isn’t as complex as some others’.  I like to keep it simple, warm, and sharp.  So those are the things I work on in LightRoom.  As you will see further down, I warmed up my photographs, sharpened, lightened, and in a few brought out the contrast.  My lenses aren’t the greatest, so almost every time I have to sharpen my pictures in photoshop.  Which is sad, but I’m patiently waiting until I can get my L series lenses ;).

About a year and a half ago, I braved up a bit and started to use Kelvin as my white balance setting.  It takes a lot of practice and I am only now starting to feel a bit more comfortable with it.  Although when its a beautiful sunny day (not an overcast one like you see below)  Auto-white balance is also great to use outdoors.  It’s usually right on the dot, perfect.   Every now and then I do warm up my pictures in LightRoom though, because on your LCD screen it may look warm enough, when you open your image up on your computer, it’s not.

So here’s to another Before and After Post.  I’m hoping the next one I do will be of a live subject, preferably a human. :)

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Happy Wednesday!

February 8, 2012

Winter Collection sold exclusively on Etsy

It’s been about three months now that I’ve been madly in love with yarning, (you know knitting and crocheting things with yarn?)  that I “missed” the opportunity to blog.  I looked back at my blog posts and realized I didn’t even share my christmas presents with you guys…  Or my New Year’s resolutions (to be honest, I haven’t even thought about those myself)  I’ve just been tucked away in my little corner with my shows and yarn.  And I’ve had a blast! It was a perfect time spent to just sit there and have a peaceful five hours a day to myself.  I bet you’re jealous right now. ;)

So that brings me to the next part.  The part where I share my pictures and talk about how I came to opening up my very own ETSY store…  It was quite simple actually.  My sister got into crocheting about four months ago and got me all excited.  I learned how to knit and crochet about 8 years ago and then forgot all about it until recently.  So I relearned with the help of my mother-in-law (knitting) and my sister (crocheting) and decided that I won’t have much room for all the stuff I make so I will sell it.  Ta-Da!  So now on to the pictures, many of you have already seen them on FaceBook, so this is for those that haven’t.  While you enjoy these I am off to work on the big Valentine’s day Picnic surprise for my hubby, and the reason I share this with you guys is because I know V won’t read this and it’ll get you guys excited for the pictures ;)

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Valentine’s Day flower headband and heart earrings.

Three hearts Valentine’s Day kid’s headband.

Subie’s Valentine’s Day bow-tie.

Subie felt left out…

A lovely yellow… And a button for detail.

The fuzzy look created by the one and only… Sun!


It actually smelled really good… Like fresh laundry :)

A “Blue Valentine” headband.

Kitty decided to join us.

Fits all ages… Man, woman, boy, or girl! ;)

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My little man wearing the bow like a pro. ;)

The red, white, and blue way to wear the bow-tie… Independence day anyone?

A more formal way to wear the bow-tie…  Minus the jeans…  Would work for Christmas or Valentine’s Day.

Subie was sabotaging my pictures :D

A black and white never hurts anyone… So…

Subie using her camouflage skills.

Happy Snowy Wednesday!