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March 30, 2012

iPhone Friday + DMV waiting

I tried much harder this week to get more interesting and creative photos for you guys, I do hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed taking them.  All of these were taken with my iPhone. ;)


Monday we went out with my Momma-in-law for a special shopping trip.


This is where the road took us.  Lowe’s to buy flowers to plant.


A beautiful red tulip that I found.


Found a lonely cloud.


An interesting “bush” that was there.


A real twitter bird for your pots.


Tuesday Subie got sick with some sort of stomach flu. :/


And later on that day Subie had her bath.



Wednesday had a special date with a special girl.


This morning I spent a chunk of my valuable time standing in the DMV line and later sitting to be called out.  Any one relate to that?


And just now came home from the Luray Caverns up north with my family.


Happy Happy Friday!

March 29, 2012

Color inside me.

I love Pinterest for a number of reasons. One it motivates me to be creative, it broadens my horizons and has the most amazing quotes on it. One of which I came across yesterday!

I’m usually the type of person that pins a good quote right away without thinking twice. This one however made me stop and think. I smiled almost instantly and thought this quote should be applied to my life somehow. I want to know people who put the color inside my world, but most of all I want to be that person! The person who someone can say that I made their life better somehow. Even if it’s a little bit better.


Happy Thursday!

March 27, 2012

Testing, testing… One, two.

When I was a kid, I always thought I was going to be some sort of a singer… Are you wondering whether or not I can sing? I can’t and I couldn’t even back then. Although I do sing my heart out when no one can hear me ;). For some reason I just “knew” that that is what I’ll be doing as my career. “Testing, testing… One, two.”

As much fun as it would be to do that, I don’t think anyone will want to work with a “singer” who can’t sing. So here I am today, as just me and get to pretend I can sing in the shower.

What I’m actually testing is my new gadget. Vitaliy surprised me yesterday with the new iPad3!! And I am now testing to see if I can blog easily on it or not… So far it’s pretty sweet and the keyboard is catching up with my speedy typing, ha ha. So if you’re a blogger and wondering if you should get one of these pups, I say definitely!

A screenshot of my dashboard and a shot taken with the 5mp camera to see if posting pictures works well on this WordPress app. What do you think?



March 26, 2012

Totally Rad Photoshop Actions

The post that I did about Lightroom Presets HERE, awhile ago, didn’t include any Photoshop Actions.  I said I’d do it later and finally got around to it.  I apologize for the “same” photos, unfortunately I have no new RAW files to work with.   You’re photos will look much nicer, crisper, and fresh if you apply them on a RAW file, keep that in mind when you’re working on your pictures.  The actions are by Totally Rad.  I applied them through Photoshop CS5.  Actions and Presets are not the same thing.  

These were put together just for fun and to show you what you can do with actions.  They are very customizable and are sort of easy to use.   The first two are more of a natural and realistic way of editing.  A simple boost of color and contrast and a classy black and white.  The rest are more “artistic”  for those of you that like to get super-duper creative with your editing.  I tried to use different actions on each shot to show you that there’s really a TON of them in the pack.


Dodge – 27%

Born – 16%

Grandma’s tap shoes – 100%

Detroit (B&W) – 100%

Oh, Snap

-Contrast – 19%

Get faded (Winter) – 53%

Get faded (Summer) – 62%

Lights on – 20%

Boutwell Magic Glasses – 100%

Flare-up (faded) – 49%

Contrast – 100%

Flare-up (golden) 53%

And this last one I really had fun with trying to make it look like it’s raining.

Antiquing tone – 100%

Cool as a Cucumber – 54%

Claire-ify – 37%

Grunge Rock – 100%

Oh, Snap – 100%

Dirt bag – 34%

March 23, 2012

Climbing Mt. Everest

Back in Elementary school, in third grade, we were made to run our very first mile as human beings.  It didn’t sound hard, but when it came to doing it, I.  Slacked.  Off.  I “ran” that mile in 19 minutes.  I felt like the laziest person alive.  I was eight years old.  What did I know, right?  But something hit me that day, I realized if I was going to slack on something as simple as running the mile, I was going to slack everywhere else.  Now remember, I was eight years old.  That was pretty wise thinking for an eight year old.  So the next day, my P.E. teacher gathered aside those that did terrible on their miles and said we had one more chance to change that time around on our physical’s.  The following day, I ran my mile in NINE minutes!  I felt like I climbed Mt. Everest.  Seriously, crossing that finish line made me look around for my trophy, because I felt like I accomplished the most difficult task known to man-kind.  To me it was climbing that mountain but to someone else it was simply a leap.

In high school, I ran my mile in six minutes and forty-three seconds.  Now I wasn’t as good as some other’s out there that ran it two minutes faster than I did.  But I was proud of my time.  Because for me, it was STILL climbing Mt. Everest.

On the left is my mile yesterday and on the right is today’s.  A few seconds is better than tying.  I think.  I haven’t run in over three years.  I simply gave up on my mountain, but last week I started the climb once again.  It’s embarrassing to time myself now.  For all of you jogging-freaks out there that run your mile in five minutes flat, don’t judge.  This IS an accomplishment for me.

The route that I run…  I start from my driveway, point A, and finish at the stop sign where you see point B.  I walk the rest of the way home for a cool-off and come home to a few exercises.

I wanna know what inspires you to run…  Maybe you have a technique that will help me and others?

March 23, 2012

iPhone Friday + 500 words a day

I’m not much of an Instagramer lately…  Maybe it’s the way time seems to be flying by or maybe I’ve not been “into it” lately.  I don’t know.  I didn’t even bother putting these pups together.

I have six tabs open on my Safari browser right now and I have so much to do but instead I’m watching JASMINE STAR talk on the Creative Live.  I capitalized her name because she’s just extraordinarily fabulous!  And six tabs doesn’t mean that all of them are supposed to be open.  I’m just procrastinating and I hate it.  I have emails, paperwork, and errands to run and I’m stuck without a car.  I don’t know about you but when I have a To-do list I always try to do the things that sound more fun to me first and then focus on the other things.  So in this case running errands sounds waaaay more fun but since I have no car at the moment, I’m slacking off on doing the rest of my list until I do the fun thing.  That’s terrible I know.

Remember the 500 words a day?  Well I haven’t been doing it on the blog but I’ve been doing it on a word document app that I snagged off of the Apple Market Place and it’s working really well.  I started to time myself and write for 10 minutes straight, no stopping and it has been an extraordinary experience.  I’ve learned things about myself that I’ve never knew to be there.  For example :  In the mornings I type two words slower and have more spelling errors per minute than at any other time of the day.  Pretty interesting stuff.  And I’ve learned how my brain jumps from subject to subject within seconds.  While I’m finishing one sentence I’m already thinking what my next sentence’s subject will be.  So weird.  But it has been quite a successful way of learning who I am as a writer, photographer, and person.  You should try.

My next thing will be short stories.  You’re probably thinking “Please NO!” :)


Have a blessed weekend!

March 22, 2012

Idealizing life with my editing

During the slower times I still like to play around with pictures, but I’m not always finding the opportunity for an actual photo shoot of someone.  So I like to pack up my camera, tripod, and my good attitude and take off all by myself.  It’s a great way to spend time with yourself, thinking, idealizing life, and getting in touch with your inner-self.  There were some of you that asked who takes my pictures.  Well at times it’s Vitaliy but when he’s not available I take them myself.  Like HERE and HERE .  You can go and look through them again and see if you can spot the remote.  Toward the end I sort of forgot to “hide” it and it’s more visible than in other ones.  :)

I find it extremely easy to open up for the camera when there’s no one behind it.  I’ve never really had to or had the opportunity to, so I’m sort of wondering what it would be like and if I’d be an easy-to-shoot- model.  It’s fun to go out and do it on your own, but it’s pretty limited, there’s only so much you can do with a tripod rather than hands.   I found it rather difficult getting the right exposure on your camera in manual mode.  But I’m sort of a hard head when it comes to shooting anything but manual.  So some of them are a bit darker than what I like to shoot and all I did for editing was use the Lightroom preset that I blogged about HERE, called ‘Brightside | Lite’ …  Check it out, its pretty awesome.

Happy Thursday!

March 21, 2012

Going through the motions.

I wish I made a “Really Personal” category alongside the “personal” one, because this is where this post would be.  As I look back at the last two years of my photography business I can’t help but wonder how much further I’d have been if I pushed myself harder, dreamed bigger, and thought louder.  Two days from today will be exactly two years since I’ve started this blog.  The FIRST YEAR seemed to be so good.  I was on top of everything, my paperwork, my editing, and my taxes.  It was so exciting to do what I was doing.  The second year, it wasn’t so.  It all seemed too familiar to me.  I was simply going through the motions and not thinking about what I was doing.  I should have pushed myself to do better, go further, and aim higher.  But I didn’t.

My second year has brought me a lot of happiness, disappointment, and lessons.  Very…  Valuable…  Lessons!  I learned the meaning of fairness.  The meaning of friends changed completely for me.  And the saying, “I trust in God.”  became real for the first time in my life.  He took me through easy and smooth paths when He knew I couldn’t handle anything more.  He strengthened me.  Then came the hard and rough paths.  Paths that had sharp rocks and I had nothing but my bare feet to walk on.  Paths that brought me to my knees, making me stumble over obstacles, and fall into pot holes.  Really large pot holes.  I found refuge in His word then and He was with me during those dark and scary times.

So looking back, both of the years have truly been a blessing to me!  God heard my prayers and He worked in my heart more than ever in those years.  He always spoke very gently to me saying that I should keep my eyes on Him and He will work miracles!  I didn’t have faith, and despite my rebellious ways He didn’t leave me.  He was always there, speaking ever so gently to me.  And eventually I stopped going through the motions and started living every day as if it were my last.  And He gave me true happiness because He has a plan just for me.

I do hope you guys enjoy this photo from today, because tomorrow I’m planning quite an interesting post for you guys.  Enjoy.

Happy Wednesday! :D

March 19, 2012

Product talk : Waterproof iPhone case

I give my phone baths.  I let it fly through the air like a bird and fall hard on the asphalt like hail.  I allow it to go ski with my in the winter and go on roller-coasters in the summer without worrying it’ll fall and break.  My phone takes risks I’m unwilling to take.  It’ll go skydiving without a parachute and swim with sharks.  That’s how BOLD my phone became after I embraced it with my LIFEPROOF case.

I’ve had this case for about 8 months now.  It treated my quite well I should say.  It expands your possibilities of doing things with your phone.  And the LIFEPROOF team are coming up with great accessories for the case itself, such as ARMBANDS, WATERPROOF HEADPHONES (to listen underwater), and EXTENDERS to ensure that you get the most out of your phone.  

The downfalls of the Lifeproof case: it is only made for iPhone 4 and 4s.  No other phone or model of iPhone (but that’s just more of a reason to buy yourself the current iPhone, which now you can get the 4s for as little as $99!)  And they don’t recommend you to take the case off once you put it on.  Also the price could be cheaper, but you know, you get what you pay for, so we won’t count that as an actual downfall.  Other than that it’s magical! ;)

Be sure to watch the videos down at the bottom of the page.

Happy Monday hope everyone has a fantastic week ahead of them!

March 17, 2012

For the coffee lover

Today I’m going to explain to you how to make a good and CHEAP cup of coffee!

1.  You GRIND the best Columbian Starbucks coffee you can find.

2.  Right away BREW the coffee.  Don’t let the grind sit for more than two minutes.

3.  POUR the coffee into a cute mug.  It has to be a cute mug, otherwise it won’t work.

4.  SCOUP two or three spoonfuls (depending on the size of your cute mug you may need more or less) of BRYERS CHOCOLATE ICECREAM and dump right into your coffee.

5.  ENJOY! :)


The ice-cream provides just the right amount of sweetness, milk, and chocolate.  Resulting in the perfect cup of cheap coffee.


Have a fantastic Saturday!