iPhone Friday + 500 words a day

I’m not much of an Instagramer lately…  Maybe it’s the way time seems to be flying by or maybe I’ve not been “into it” lately.  I don’t know.  I didn’t even bother putting these pups together.

I have six tabs open on my Safari browser right now and I have so much to do but instead I’m watching JASMINE STAR talk on the Creative Live.  I capitalized her name because she’s just extraordinarily fabulous!  And six tabs doesn’t mean that all of them are supposed to be open.  I’m just procrastinating and I hate it.  I have emails, paperwork, and errands to run and I’m stuck without a car.  I don’t know about you but when I have a To-do list I always try to do the things that sound more fun to me first and then focus on the other things.  So in this case running errands sounds waaaay more fun but since I have no car at the moment, I’m slacking off on doing the rest of my list until I do the fun thing.  That’s terrible I know.

Remember the 500 words a day?  Well I haven’t been doing it on the blog but I’ve been doing it on a word document app that I snagged off of the Apple Market Place and it’s working really well.  I started to time myself and write for 10 minutes straight, no stopping and it has been an extraordinary experience.  I’ve learned things about myself that I’ve never knew to be there.  For example :  In the mornings I type two words slower and have more spelling errors per minute than at any other time of the day.  Pretty interesting stuff.  And I’ve learned how my brain jumps from subject to subject within seconds.  While I’m finishing one sentence I’m already thinking what my next sentence’s subject will be.  So weird.  But it has been quite a successful way of learning who I am as a writer, photographer, and person.  You should try.

My next thing will be short stories.  You’re probably thinking “Please NO!” :)


Have a blessed weekend!


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