Our forth year begins.

Wednesday marked the end of our three years and the start of our forth year marriage journey, and we are SO EXCITED!  We are incredible dorks when it comes to love…  We like to think we’re absolute experts on this whole thing, but know and acknowledge that we still have a lot to learn and grow in.  Marriage is something that should get better, stronger, and more loving with every year…  And looking back at our first year it has gotten closer and closer to being perfect with every new year.  We are not only peas in a pod and look perfect together for each other…  We’re actually head over heals in love with each other and most importantly we’re in love with LOVE!  Which makes us that much more loving towards each other, because God is Love.  He loved us first…  And we’re SO glad He did because He blessed our marriage more than we could ever thank Him for.

I know this all sounds cliche and all but…  I AM married to the BEST, most AMAZING, LOVING, and CARING hubs.  The most RESPECTFUL and CUDDLIEST, one who can’t wait to see me every day after work, when going to work, and one who makes the BEST cup of coffee in the mornings.  One who makes chores easier on me, lending his helping hand while making dinner, and who treats his wife better than anyone on this earth counting himself.  One who is whiling to change against his will and pridefulness for the best of his marriage, who wants to do silly things and just lay around laughing all day in the grass.

Ladies…  I hate to break it to you, but the best man is no longer available.  He’s the one who I get to wake up every morning with and fall asleep in his arms every night.  The one that I can get countless of priceless hugs because he would rather spend the time hugging me than doing anything else.  And the one who is one KILLER back-up photographer ;)  And so on and on…

Photographer:  Our sturdy tripod ;)

My gift to V.  A WeWood watch.  They plant a tree for every watch sold and I just knew I had to get that, with my hippie roots feeling all good about doing the planet good. ;)

Yes, it’s REAL wood!

We took a couple days off to enjoy where ever the road would take us and ended up in multiple places.  Our favorite being this cute hotel.

Happy Happy Friday!


2 Comments to “Our forth year begins.”

  1. MOST SINCERELY happy for you two!!! :) May the Lord continue blessing your marriage! I loved the watch! Great idea! Liked your pics!

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