Wednesday Wise Words + A clear mind

I sit in front of my computer for hours.  Browsing the internet, keeping up with my social networking, and munching on some hearty snacks is a routine I’m well accustomed to in this job.  When I head to sleep however, I wonder  about all those people that I’ve came across that day and what they think about me.  If they think I’m throwing my life away because I decided not to attend college.  Do they think I’m not going to succeed because I don’t want it badly enough?  Or if they think that I’m simply not good enough and should look for a ‘real job’?  Every night, I think about those things before closing my eyes to sleep.

I wake up, go through the day like I’m going to live 100 more without aging, and meditate upon what people’s thoughts are about me.  Hour upon hour I clog my head with anxiety and worries about made up issues.  I don’t understand why I do that, but as a people-pleaser it worries me and stresses me out to a level that I can’t handle and end up with migraines.

A few days ago, I met up with a dear friend.  There was one sentence from our conversation together that keeps haunting me.  Now instead of anxiety and worries I have that sentence playing on repeat.

“If you need other people’s support, then you don’t want it badly enough!”

I’m not sure if I heard the rest of the paragraph that that sentence belonged to, but I know that this particular sentence changed the way I head to sleep, wake up, and go through the day.  I’m no longer thinking what people’s thoughts are about me, their support, or pleasing them.  You can’t please everyone and there’s absolutely no point in stressing over it.

So now it’s me, the internet, my hearty snacks, and a clear mind!

Happy Wednesday!


One Comment to “Wednesday Wise Words + A clear mind”

  1. i kept forgetting to write something in response to this. but i remembered yesterday that i hadn’t.
    this had been just what i needed at the time. thank you. :)

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