Behind the Lens

Smiling is my favorite, and so is Buddy the Elf.

Cupcakes are part of my food pyramid.

My husband is my backbone my best friend, and my better half.

I would rather jog than walk.

I dislike drinking out of straws.

I have a fabulous dog, Subie…  That’s right she’s named after Subaru, the car.

Phone calls make me nervous.  Leaving voice mails make me even more nervous.

Text messages and emails for the WIN!

I can’t go a day without my iphone.

I prefer boots over heels or flats… Or any other shoes!

I love to read on long road trips with my husband.

I never pretend to listen, I either do or don’t.

Summer is awesome, but winter is somehow a tad better.

Candles are simply amazing!

I prefer small gifts over big ones.

And I’m absolutely thrilled to have you here…

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