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April 25, 2011

Black and White : Mr. Dan + The death cycle

I took these pictures last week of Mr. Dandelion, hoping to post them right away, but not having the chance to, I decided to do it now since I’m able to get on my computer again.  On Tuesday Subie and I went out for our usual backyard stroll, you know to spy on the bees and glaze at the beautiful dandelions.  This time I grabbed my camera and macro lens and thought I’d practice to steady my hands.  It’s HARD, but I think I managed to get five good shots. ;)

I decided to turn most of these black and white for multiple reasons.  I thought the black and white would help to focus on the main details and clarity of the dandelion, as oppose to leaving them colored the green background took away a lot of the attention.  Then this stage of the dandelion is the death cycle.  The weed dies and the seeds are being swept away by wind to plant more.  So the colorful colors of the surrounding background wouldn’t set the mood as well as a black and white did.  And the last reason is I began to really like black and white so this post seemed just right. ;) Let me know what you guys think!  I love to hear your critics!

And one in color.  All happy and joyful!

Have a great Monday night!