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April 7, 2011

FAQ: The photographer’s blog

I often had people ask me about my blog.  Why do you blog about yourself and random stuff when it’s a photography blog?  Why don’t you post more pictures from weddings and engagements?  Why do you do slide shows?  How do you find stuff to blog about?  And what is your blogging schedule?   Well I’ve answered most of those questions in recent blog posts, but today I wanted to share how I find stuff to blog about and what and how my blogging schedule works…

I have just recently been blogging almost everyday.  Unless I’m absolutely busy, something urgent came up, or it’s Sunday, but overall I try to write a post every day.  And since a few of you have noticed and asked how I find stuff to blog about I’ll explain.  I have this desk calendar that I bought for a few bucks in Wal-Mart.  It’s used to keep me up to date with all of my appointments, making sure I send things out on time, blog posts, and anything else that might need to be written down for remembrance.  And from there I go day by day.  (I have to mark each day off because I get extremely confused.)  So my schedule is never off and I always get everything done on time.  It’s really the easiest and most convenient way for me.  I’m sure everyone else is different.  I know other photographers like to use dry erase boards to stay on task but that never worked well for me.  =/

The best way is your way!

So how I find things to blog about when I don’t have any photography shoots to post?  I came up with a few days agenda’s such as Monday Madness, Tuesday Tips, Wednesday wise Words, FAQ Thursday’s, and iPhone Fridays…  I’ve actually got a few for each day of the week.  And from there it became so easy to blog and very enjoyable for both me (the writer) and you (the readers).  Once you have your base you can make pretty much anything work!  Hope this helps!

Have a fantastic Thursday!