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May 21, 2012

Thinker-before-doer type of person + Monday Madness

I’m sitting here watching MadMen when the thought of exercising occurs to me…  My right eyebrow rises and I start typing away.  That’s right, not exercising, but planning out a work-out routine.  I’m more of a thinker-BEFORE-doer type of person, so most of the time I don’t actually get around to doing the difficult task, I just brain storm about how to do it.  Rather than putting in the ten minutes -that it took me to write out my to-do list- into actually doing the half a minute tasks, I use them to procrastinate, even if it’s just a lousy ten minutes.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE to exercise…  I just love to write about and think about it before I do it.

I think I’m turning pink from embarrassment ;)

Enjoy the Monday Madness…  Hope it jump-starts your Monday even just a little bit.

Happy Monday!

April 23, 2012

Monday Madness + loosing myself in time

So I’m ready to blog this from work when I decide that it’s a good idea to glance at the time…  I look and literally my mouth drops.  It was three minutes before closing and I wasn’t going to push writing this in three minutes.  So I saved my thoughts in my mind to do it at home and here I am regaining myself in time.

I haven’t done one of these Monday Madness posts in quite sometime.  Maybe I lost my sense of humor or simply lost the time to search/find interesting things.  But here’s another attempt.  A less formal one then the former ones. :)

Source:  Google and some Facebook

amazing drawing.

Stunning photography pose.

Surprisingly true.

Incredible 3D art.


Try this.

So true.

Answer to your problems.





And here’s a couple of funny and quirky videos I came across since working at Blue Ridge Mac :P



March 13, 2012

iPad3 + Meet Sanibel

Good product sells fast.  Good product is usually expensive and is hard to find at reasonable price.  So when I say the new iPad3 has a breakthrough retina display, 5MP iSight camera, and 4G LTE, you’re probably cringing at the thought of how much exactly this sucker is going to cost you.  All cringing aside, it’ll be the same price as the iPad and iPad2!  Starting at only $499 it’ll be the best investment for any size business.  Of course this is only my own personal opinion.

Just how the Apple brand describes it, “It’s brilliant.  In every sense of the word.”  It truly is, I can only imagine how much nicer it is than any of the pictures they posted of it.  I don’t think I can describe how awesome it really is without wording it exactly the same as Apple, so you might as well head on over to their site and see for yourself what this breakthrough is all about.

On a side note, if you’re wondering whether or not this beautiful, colorful, and sweet bird is ours, it’s not.  We had Sanibel for about a week and fell in love with her personality so much, we thought of sharing her beautiful colors with you guys.  Enjoy!

Happy Tuesday!

February 28, 2012

Food journals + Keeping it real

(Have you ever had a something or someone who you were dying to share with a close friend or family member but you had to keep it secret for sometime?  Like for example you applied to a fancy college and you’re waiting for a reply…  You don’t go and tell everyone that you applied because if you don’t get accepted it will be somewhat of an embarrassment.  Well this post is a reminder to the future Me that I’m in such a position and I can’t forget this moment in my later years because it’s important to me how I feel now in the present.

On another note, I’d like to discuss the second day of this writing challenge.  It’s not as fun as I expected it to be.  And it’s hard to admit this, but when I awoke this morning, I knew that I had a blog post that needed to be written…  And I didn’t want to.  As simple as that.  I just didn’t want to.  It’s embarrassing and awful to admit that I’m so weak in my own promises, but like I mentioned in the above paragraph, I need to admit this out loud as a reminder for the future Me, for other’s to see that I’m not perfect and have flaws, and to keep it honest and real with myself.  I’m the type of person that needs to keep a food journal, just because seeing it written is a way I’m judged by myself.  That was tougher to admit than I thought.

I often wondered what the phrase “Keep it real” meant…  I think I understand now.  What it means to me is not acting, wishing, or trying to be like someone else out there.  I’ve done that before, I’ll admit it.  I’ve done that more times than I should have, but it made and formed me into who I am now.  Without keeping it real to myself back then, I understand and see who I’ve become and now don’t want to do that to myself anymore.  I simply want to be me.  Whether it makes me new friends or I end up loosing my currant ones, I don’t want to live a lie.  I don’t want people to like and friend lies.  I wouldn’t say I was acting, talking, or walking like one particular individual, I was simply not being open and completely honest by hiding my flaws.  I saw others and thought they were perfect, because they had everything, or they showed no weakness, or because they were so good at everything, and had no flaws.  Truth is, no one is perfect.  Everyone can’t have everything because it’s not humanly possible.  Showing weakness is a form of being strong.  Being good at everything is not possible, being mediocre at everything is, being good at one thing is perfectly balanced.  And who says flaws are a bad thing?  Flaws = Differences.   So here’s to showing my flaws, living and dreaming out loud, and being honest…  First with myself and then others.

And this is what my food looks like for the next 6 months…

Happy Tuesday!

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October 21, 2011

iPhone Friday + iOS 5

Hey everyone, it sure has been awhile since I posted here.  I’ve been somewhat focused on my FOODMONSTER blog and forget all about this one.

I was updating my phone yesterday to the iOS 5 and I spent the whole day playing with it!  It was as if I was holding a brand new phone with brand new apps and updates.  It’s AMAZING!  I’m usually not  a big fan of updates (Let’s take Facebook as an example).  I hated it when I would just get used to something they’d go and change it around.  The biggest thing I didn’t like was that they wouldn’t even “upgrade”, nothing improved just moved around.

But somehow with Apple products it’s completely different (Yes, I’m aware that I’m being biased right now).  When they “upgrade” they improve on practically everything!  They really strive to simplify things and fix everything that people complain bout!  And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why they are priced so high… Not over-priced, but priced right.  They make a good quality product that shouldn’t be priced cheap.  I know people that compare Apple to so many different products and say “I get the same thing out of this for three times cheaper!”  Well trust me, when you really sit down and compare them side by side, they will NOT be the same.  They won’t even be close to similar…  But of course, that’s just my opinion.

And that brings us to iPhone Friday!  I haven’t been keeping up with these and have so many Instagram pictures stacked up, so enjoy!

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug


Have a fantastic Friday! :D

October 9, 2011

Food Monster + The blog of Gourmet Dieting :: CFV Diet

I have been blogging about food on my photography blog and got sick of it.  I figured it was time for a new blog.  One with food, nutrition, recipes, pictures, and probably a few crafts here and there.  I started the blog along with the CFV Diet but figured I’d share it with the world once it got a few more blog posts, and so I got five and thought I’d be enough…  For now, of course.

I remembered last Christmas when I did the “12 Day of Christmas food recipes” and how much you guys enjoyed those.  That gave me a bit more confidence to start a second blog.  I’m hoping it’ll be as successful as this one, but if it won’t be then at least a few people will enjoy a recipe here and there ;).  I would love to hear what you think about it and share your own food ideas with me!  Don’t forget to subscribe and follow!


Happy Sunday!

September 21, 2011

Week Two :: CFV Diet

It’s been two weeks…  Last, last Wednesday I started a little thing called the Vegan diet.  Mine came with a little more of a twist though.  I decided to exclude caffeine as well, and so I survived my first two weeks.  It wasn’t the vegan part that was killing me though, it was the no caffeine that really got to me.  You see I’m a girl who loves her steak, but loves her morning coffee, MORE!  The caffeine is really helping me block out the whole meat part.  So this is me sharing all the gritty details of the Caffeine Free Vegan Diet!

First you have to decide what your reasons are for doing the diet.  Then you can move on to step two and move on from there…

FIRST STEP (Reason for dieting)::   Weight loss, health issues, or Animal rights?

Weight Loss ::  Use a BMI (Body mass index) calculator.  Here a few :  Click HERE, HEREHERE and for kids HERE.  Figure out how much you need to loose to be normal weight and set a goal to loose that much.  If you are normal weight but feel like you still want to loose a few pounds, figure out how much you can loose before being underweight.  Remember being underweight is just as unhealthy as being overweight if not worse.

Health Issues ::  This is the biggest reason for me.  For about two years now I’ve been feeling dizzy, constantly complaining about stomach pains, and always feeling exhausted without doing the slightest of work.  I couldn’t figure out why exactly.  I was in great shape, swimming, jogging, exercising constantly and felt like I was the weakest person alive.  I thought I ate healthy, let me rephrase that…  I tried to eat healthy.  Little did I know there’s a fine line between healthy and unhealthy.

Animal Rights ::   “And there came a voice to him: ‘Rise, Peter; kill and eat’.” Acts 10:13;  A wonderful article I found HERE…  If someone does feel this way, I advise you to speak to your Pastor.

NEXT STEP :: According to your reason for dieting, the next step you should take is deciding how vegan you’re going to be.  The true vegans go all out!  No fish, no meat, no cheese, milk, honey, gelatin, eggs, butter, etc.  In short terms nothing that once moved/was alive and nothing that came for something that once moved/was alive.  My diet is as vegan as it gets.  So if you decide to just go with no meat, milk, and eggs…  Than that’s your thing and I have no doubt you’ll make it work.

THIRD STEP :: After you’ve decided what you can and cannot eat, it’s time to go through that fridge and cabinets.  You know, the ones filled with all that stuff you can’t eat now?  If its a box of dry food that won’t go bad in three months than you can put it in a box and store all those foods for three months in a closet.  Away from temptations.  If you’re the only one in a household of two, three, four, so on, then you might as well convince everyone to diet with you, or deal with your temptations.  After you’ve gone through all the foods you can’t eat…  Find something you can and eat, while you write yourself a list of all the ingredients you’ll need to buy the next day.

FOURTH STEP :: Writing the list of all the recipes, foods, or ingredients you’ll need is probably the toughest part about this diet.  It’s really easy to forget what you can’t have.  I use FOODGAWKER to constantly update my menu…  At the bottom of the website you’ll notice categories.  Find the Vegan category and stay up as late as you want looking up your vegan desserts, lunch snacks, dinners, and breakfasts.  Trust me it’s easy to get carried away with all the yummy recopies you’ll see, so you’ll need to establish a budget.  I’m no person to give financial advice, so I’ll leave that part up to you guys.

LAST STEP ::  My Caffeine Free Vegan Diet only lasts for three months once a year.  Yes, I decided to make this a part of my life, not just once a lifetime and forget all about it.  You see, the first week of my diet, I’ve noticed my dizziness going away.  My stomach pains forgot about bothering me and I was less exhausted.  So it works, I’ve tested it out on myself, and I lost five pounds IN ONE WEEK!  CFV is a healthy way to loose weight!  So in this last step, you need to ask yourself how long you’re going to do the diet for… Not how long you can last, but more of a determined goal.  A year?  Once every year?  A lifetime?  Each answer will be different.

MY DIETING and SUGGESTIONS ::  I suggest you add to this diet whole wheat grains.  No white bread, no white pasta, only whole wheat.  Preferably less sweets if none at all.  Stay away from hard candy as well, most of them have caffeine.  Drink at least two smoothies every day and drink plenty of water, ALWAYS.  Find a schedule that works best around your job, extra curricular activities, bed-time…  For example ::  You wake up at 7.  Breakfast strictly at 7:30.  You leave to work.  Lunch break at work is at 12pm.  You eat lunch strictly at 12pm.  You come home at 5pm.  So you grab a snack at work at exactly 3pm.  When you come home at 5pm, you start dinner.  You eat dinner at exactly 6pm.  You go to bed at 10pm.  So you grab a light snack at exactly 9pm.  By snacks I mean five celery’s, or an apple, you get the point.  Snack is not a bag of chips!  That’s unhealthy!

MAKING IT WORK ::  I’ve designed two different looks of the calendar.  The calendar will help you to make plans in advance, what you’ll have for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  The first calendar has a wide header.  That’s for any notes, such as your hourly plan, your goals, and of course the month you’re on.  The second one is a square, so you can print is as a 5×5 or a 3×3 and have it on the go with you…

A FEW EXAMPLES OF BREAKFAST ::  Oatmeal with frozen blue berries, strawberries, and raspberries, topped with 100% pure Maple Syrup.  And to finish off breakfast a berry smoothie.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

The Vegan pancakes,  Sided with frozen berries…  And a warm cup of caffeine free herbal tea.

I found the vegan pancakes on foodgawker ;)

Happy Wednesday! Hope to hear what you think of all this….

August 23, 2011

The Calendar Project :: Carpe Diem Asheville + Very first copy

This is just the beginning… To a very new chapter.  Something pretty incredible and I’m absolutely thrilled to finally be able to share this with you guys.

A few months ago I was asked to be a part of a pretty amazing project.  We traveled six hours one way for it a couple times a month and it was worth every mile.  We were working on an Asheville Calendar of historical buildings and we were working on it hard.  We first started by walking around town and taking the pictures, then doing the layout, getting it copyrighted, later printing, and finally selling it to the local shops. My job however was just taking the pictures, doing the layout and making it work.

The idea first started when a lovely couple went about Asheville looking for a historical calendar to send to their mother for her birthday.  Not finding a single shop that sells them, their search continued on to visitor centers, and later online.  Still not finding one, they were told by a sales lady that they’d make a good amount of money if they made one and started selling it.  They didn’t hesitate, with that idea they took out their camera and started shooting every building they felt was important.  But that ended up with them calling me and asking if I could do that part for them…  Of course I couldn’t decline.  Boy, am I glad I didn’t, it was one of the best projects I’ve done so far!

That leads me to this blog post…  This is our very first draft of the calendar that we printed last month as a way to see whether or not it looked decent enough.  Later it was used as an example for the shops to make sure people knew what they were buying.  The only difference in the first draft is it’s black and white, and there’s a huge white border around it.  The finished ones will be in FULL color and much larger!  So find us on FaceBook and be sure to LIKE us for the extra support!  And if you’ll be interested they’ll be selling online soon as well, they’ve got all the important holiday’s as well as pretty pictures done by me! ;)

Happy Tuesday!

July 29, 2011

iPhone Friday :: Instagramming

I’ve invented a new word… Instagramming and am certain it’ll be quite famous soon ;)  AND we’ve added to our family, a beautiful, feathery, white girl, Phoebe.  She’s a sweetheart but that’s for another blog post.  I keep wanting to get to it but am running out of days!  So bare with me and I’ll cover all of the details concerning her soon.  As for now please take a moment to enjoy the amazing photos that my iPhone is capable of taking ;)

Have a wonderful weekend!

July 22, 2011

She believed she could, so she did.

I remember the day like it was just yesterday.

I was leaning against the greasy counter of McDonald’s looking at the morning paper.  Jimmy Hendrix playing in the back where all the grilling was done and not a single soul was ordering their usual breakfast food.  I was at work and there was nothing that I could do to make it look like I was staying busy, so I kept reading the paper.  Every now and then a car would pass by and we all sort of lost hope in serving a customer that morning.  As I kept looking through the paper in search of a new job I found one that really stood out.  But before you know what it is you’ll need to know this…

For the past few summers, I would lay around the pool areas and enjoy the joyous screams of kids as they splashed in the water, soaking up all the sunshine that I could before the season ends.  Every time I would be at the pool, I was always urged to become a lifeguard.  I guess all that “Bay Watch” watching and the water really got to me ;)  So I would say to myself, someday, and if not in this life than in another.

Now back to the paper reading at McDonald’s…  So here I am reading the paper and Diane comes up asking what I’m doing, a usual.  Diane and I did drive-thru together, she took orders, I served, and vice-versa.  Can’t really say we were friends, just work buddies.  I enjoyed her company and can hope for the same in return.  Anyways I found the local resort, Massanuteen, searching for lifeguards for the summery season.  I looked up at Diane and said, “You know?  I’m going to be a lifeguard, someday.”  She said, “Yeah?”  Passing a sly smile and raising her eyebrows.  I knew she didn’t have much faith in me, but who blames, we were only co-workers, what did she know.  So she continued saying how I probably wouldn’t be able to do it, since you know, it’s hard work…   I didn’t lose hope though, I tore off the small square of the ad and stuck it in my pocket.

Almost two years later and two other jobs, I decided to go for it and take the 10 day training course to become a lifeguard.  Almost giving up because of how hard it was, and Diane’s words haunting me, I reminded myself that this is what I want.  I passed and was happy.  Happy with myself that I didn’t quit.  Happy that I believed in myself even after all the obstacles I had to overcome to get to where I wanted to be.  Happy because I was doing what I wanted to do.  Sometimes life becomes a jerk and throws obstacles at you just so you quite.  Sometime it sends people who are jerks and makes it hard for you to succeed.  Sometimes it makes it look like it wants you to fail just so you work harder for it.  Sometimes life keeps pushing it farther away from your grip just so it keeps its meaning and value, and teaches you to treasure those things.

Although lifeguarding wasn’t something I wanted to do for a lifetime career, I’m so glad I did it because it taught me a few valuable lessons that I will always cherish.  Lifeguarding was just the beginning of a new spark that would later become a fire for something bigger.  It was just a lesson, a test, to make sure that I could handle the “hard stuff” when it came in the future.  Today, when I lose hope,  I remember that 15-year-old girl who leaned against that greasy countertop that morning, and smile.

Happy Sunday!