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June 15, 2012

Lexington VMI Wedding : Sneak Peak

Super excited to share this wedding with you guys, but like I’ve mentioned before I was a back-up, so I’m going to wait until the lead photographer posts her images up first before showing you guys mine.  I couldn’t resist a little sneak-peak however…

Happy Happy Friday!

June 14, 2012

Lauren Rogers Photography : First time as back-up photographer

It started on a quite, gloomy, and rainy weekday.  I was sitting behind my laptop at work and had a contrastive thought…  Something clicked in my head and an idea began to form.  Without second thought I contacted an amazing photographer that lived about 15 minutes South of me and suggested I back-up for her any wedding event she needed a back up for.  Lauren, was so sweet about the whole thing and we ended up meeting that same week over some deliciously made coffee.

Last Saturday was the very first wedding that I have ever been an official back-up photographer for and Lauren made it quite a pleasant one.  It was a completely different experience for me.  Nothing like I’ve ever expected it to be like.  Because mainly I wasn’t sure what to expect.  But I learned quickly what I should be doing and what I shouldn’t be.  I somehow learned how to stay out of sight and capture only candid shots of people interacting, sharing a quiet moment to themselves, and everything in between the day.  It really wasn’t something I was ever taught, but somehow you get drawn into it so quickly and you find out just how hard it is to snap out of it.

Overall it was a wonderful and an educational experience that taught me a whole lot more about myself and who I was as a photographer than being a lead photographer ever would.  When you’re not busy posing people, worrying about getting the important shots, and having to deal with contracts, you have enough time for yourself to start thinking about your branding.  And that’s when you get into the most interesting parts of your business. ;), thanks so SO much for such an amazing opportunity!

Happy Thursday!

September 5, 2011

Erie Pennsylvania Wedding :: Ludmila & Vladimir

Lately I’ve been struggling with what to write… I’ve realized my vocabulary isn’t nearly as wide as I’d like it to be and when it comes to writing the right things about amazing couples, I can’t find the right words to describe just how amazing they are.  Sure I can say they are extraordinarily, unbelievably, incredibly, amazing…  But I still feel like you have no idea what I’m talking about…  You see my brides are out-of-this-world!  Every. Single. One of them!  And when something or someone is out-of-this-world-amazing,  you have to have an out-of-this-world word for them.  Sadly, I’m still in the search for these words.  I promise I’ll let you know right away when I find them. ;)

Ludmila and Vladimir I am absolutely honored to have witnessed your communion.  Thank you for the amazing opportunity that you have given me.  I simply couldn’t be more happier or blessed to have had your wedding as my last this year.  You two were just filled with so much love and care for one another, it made me not want to leave you guys at all.  I fell in love with every little thing about you two!  May God use you in a great way!

Much love and appreciation,


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August 25, 2011

Starting over.

The decision wasn’t nearly as tough as I thought it would be.  It crept up on me every now and then, but it wasn’t until it hit me really hard that I knew this is the best choice right now.  I have decided to not book any more weddings until April of next year and get myself a part time job for the Fall, Winter, and early spring season.  But even that might change depending on how much time off I will need.  I need this break the most right now because I noticed myself changing in my business.  I changed in my blogging, my bookings, my photography.  The kind of change that I am absolutely not proud of.  My blogging became a chore, something I felt obligated to do.  I had to force words out on paper and there was no emotion behind it.  I hated that, that thing that I became.  I felt like there was no way out of it.  Until now.

You see when I started this blog, I was blogging about my struggles as well as accomplishments.  Now, it came to not writing down my struggles because I’m ashamed of them.  What I forgot is that it’s the things you’re struggling with, that will make you stronger in the end.  I started this blog mostly for myself to see where I stand, to remember my mistakes, and to keep track of my goals.  So here I am starting over and it couldn’t feel any better.  Almost as if it’s a clean start with no history…

With that being said, here is the very last wedding sneak peak of the year.  I hope with this one you will really be looking forward not only to this last wedding post of the year, but to next year’s wedding season as well…

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August 22, 2011

White Oak Lavender Farms Wedding :: Alice & Steele

I’ve become somewhat of a blogging slacker… If there’s even such a thing. Then again you’re not a slacker if you have a perfectly good explanation for not doing something… So the title stands blank until I figure out what exactly it is that I’ve become… I know many have been waiting oh, so, patiently for this wedding and I’m thrilled to finally be able to share it with you guys, and hope for the best from it.

Alice and Steele may you be greatly blessed in your marriage!  God has some incredible plans for you and everyone can see that you two are whiling to go only by His will alone!  I am greatly honored to have documented your love on a glorious day!  We will all miss you when you leave to Ukraine for your missionary trip!  Now begins the most amazing time of your life… Married life!

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Happy Monday!

July 27, 2011

Harrisonburg Virginia Wedding :: Irina & Walter

It was quite an evening for him.  He got to sit by the most wonderful, most gorgeous, and absolutely amazing girl.  He didn’t pay attention to his friends or surroundings.  All he thought, was her.  All he saw, was her.  She didn’t notice at the time how much attention he was giving her.  But something kept telling him that she would be his.

A few weeks didn’t pass by and he proposed.  She stared at the ring for five minutes straight not murmuring even one word.  She carefully took the ring and after another five minutes replied, “Yes!”.   And he fell deeper in love.  Half a year later Irina walked down the aisle in a gorgeous wedding gown about to marry her one true love.

You see some people take 5,10,15 years to marry their best friend, while others take less than a year to meet, engage, and marry.  But in the end it’s not how long it takes you to tie the knot, it’s how wonderful the years are after you say “I do!”…

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A very popular russian tradition “Buying out the bride”.

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Don’t forget to enjoy the slideshow I prepared especially for you guys…

Have a fantastic Wednesday!

July 18, 2011

A Harrisonburg Wedding :: Sneak Peak

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Have a blessed Monday!

July 13, 2011

Harrisonburg Virginia Wedding :: Olga & Artem

When I walked into the chilly apartment with the air-conditioning blowing full blast, I felt as though I have walked right into a part of Olga’s dream.  She was stunning, with her hair done and smile set right.  As if she was a real princess living the fairy tale.  She couldn’t wait to be married and everything showed just that.  The girls helped create a perfect-moment-like-atmosphere and that made Olga even more happier.  July 9th, 2011 was a perfect day for Olga and Artem to get married.

They were nervous, happy, excited, and joyous.  They couldn’t keep their hands off each other.  The way he looked at her made everyone smile.  The way she smiled made everyone awe. They held hands and kissed none-stop.  They laughed and hugged and made everyone jealous (in a good way of course).  They smiled till their jaws hurt and cried with joy till their eyes turned red.  Their speeches made every eye wet.  Their laughs made very mouth smile.  Their personalities make a perfect harmonious song.  Their love towards one another shows in every aspect of their character.  Their love for God is shouted from their lives.  Olga and Artem you are perfect in the eyes of our God and everyone who has witnessed your wedding is blessed.

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This will always make me tear up.

You can really see my love for sun glares from this post.

Happy Wednesday!

July 10, 2011

A beautiful Saturday Wedding :: Sneak Peak

Here’s to another amazing wedding in good ol’ Virginia.  The forecast predicted rain all day but we were blessed with beautiful sun-shinning weather.  The bridal party added so much fun to this day and made the couple relaxed and ready to be married.  Congratulations to the beautiful couple!

Happy Sunday!

May 25, 2011

Photography :: What they’re afraid to tell you + Listening

Of all the people I know how hard it is to listen to someone while constantly thinking about the planning of your wedding.  It’s practically impossible.  But when someone is giving you very important advice, you should give them your full attention!  It is extremely important to take all of the helpful information and use it to its full potential.  I recently came across a great article about what Photographers want to tell their brides, but are afraid.  Not the sue-you kind of afraid, but the not-their-place kind of afraid.  So I think it’s absolutely appropriate to blog about this, this wedding season.

“Invest in a make-up artists – it will pay off in the long run. Do-it-yourself brides look fine for the first hour or so, but then the makeup wears off. Or they wear very subtle makeup that doesn’t photograph well; Nothing ‘pops’.” Cathy Short, Devonshire Photography – Wilbraham, MA

My continuing advice :: Plus it’s once in your lifetime, you definitely want to just sit back and relax while other’s prep you up for your big day.  It’s a great half hour of relaxing before your wedding.  Make sure you do a few practice runs to let the makeup artist know exactly what you want!

My Suggestion :: Emily Hensley; 540-908-9307 Harrisonburg, Virginia based makeup artist.


“I think the bride and groom should see each other before the ceremony. It gets the jitters out-of-the-way and gives me time to get some fun, unique images. When portraits are taken after the ceremony, it’s hard for the couple to focus. They don’t want to miss the party!” Sarah Maren, Sarah Maren Photography – Sacramento, CA

My continuing advice :: The whole tradition of not seeing each other before the ceremony did NOT originate here in America.  It originated in the Muslim culture where arranged marriages were the only way you were to get married, and the reason why they didn’t see each other before the ceremony was so the groom wouldn’t run off from the wedding because of not liking the way the bride looked.  Talk about shallow!  So that’s another great reason TO see each other BEFORE the ceremony.  


“When we take posed or more traditional shots, sometimes guests attempt to capture the same images, potentially slowing the process. If you request digital images from your photographers, you can send them to your guests later, and save time on your wedding day.” Craig Butler, Craig Butler Studios – Northville, MI

My continuing advice :: To me this isn’t that big of a deal, I let family and friends sneak in a shot or two because that makes them feel important.  But if you do want the whole process to go faster and smoother definitely let your guest’s know ahead of time that all the images will be on the gallery, so send them the link so they can order what they want without having to bug you for the images!


“Realize that even though you feel stupid while you’re getting pictures taken, they’re turning out great. If you can just laugh and go with it, the images will reflect your personalities and show the connection between the two of you. You can be in a crappy location, but as long as you’re in a good mood (with a smile on your face), your pictures are going to rock.” Genya Garrett, Vue Photography – Panama City, FL

My continuing advice ::  TRUST THE PERSON BEHIND THE CAMERA!  The photographer doesn’t want to make a fool out of you, they want what’s best for you…  So if you feel like a fool in front of the camera that’s only your fault, because you’re not relaxed enough.  Take a deep breath, take directions, and go with the flow!  It’ll fly by faster and it’ll be a whole lot more enjoyable!


“If you want your ‘getting ready’ pictures to look their best, keep the place clean. That room becomes the basis, the background, for all your pictures. If you have ten girls dressing and undressing in the same room, it will show in your photos. The room should be clutterless. I get the best pictures when I walk into a room that someone has intentionally kept neat.” Brian Dorsey, Brian Dorsey Studios – NY, NY

My continuing advice ::  If your room is too small, try another family/friends member room.  But make sure you know way ahead of time when and where you’re getting dressed.  It won’t be pleasant-looking back at your images and seeing the distracting mess in the background of every shot!


“Don’t cut your first dance short or have your bridal party join you halfway through it.  This decreases the amount of images I can get of just the two of you during your reception. If you dance for the entire song, you’ll end up with more sweet, intimate photos.” Alison Conklin, Alison Conklin Photography – Philadelphia, PA

My continuing advice ::  Usually a minute or two of dancing is enough to get all the intimate images, but why would you want to cut your dance short!?  It’s a perfect moment that shouldn’t be interrupted! 

“There are so many great things that happen during a reception, so you should think about how yours is going to be lit.  Ask the DJ or band to light themselves and the dance floor. Or, if it’s in your budget, look into a lighting designer, who can add uplighting to the room and give it extra pop. Lighting makes the space look cooler and preserves the ambiance.” Anne Ruthman, Anne Ruthman Photography – Boston, MA

My continuing advice :: AND you’ll also have much sharper images! ;)

Hope this article was as much fun and helpful for you as it was for me!

Happy Wednesday!