So you’re engaged!  You are about undertake the most important, adventurous, and unbelievably wild ride that will change your world.  It will consume your life and forever change you…  And that’s just the planning of your once-in-a-lifetime wedding.  I’m so glad you found your way here…

Starting out, you’re going to choose a date, location, colors.  Moving on to the style of your wedding, that suits you the best, then picking out your drop-dead-gorgeous gown…  And yet, the day will come so quickly that you’ll be left wondering where the time has went.  I can only give you one advice for this journey of yours…  Take your time and enjoy this process of planning and being engaged.  Find time for yourselves as a couple in love, in the course of this amazing adventure.

As your photographer, I make a dedication to you that you will be treated as if you’re my only client.  I will never hold back any resources or information that might come in handy to you for your preparation.  Establishing a relationship with my clients is the part of my career that I love the most. What I molded in to my photography is to be open, honest, and trustworthy with every client in order for them to open up and be themselves, as I am ready to capture every moment of it.  So with all this hectic planning and limited time, I will make the process as simple and fun for you as possible.

If for any reason I’m unable to be your wedding photographer, you can still participate in a “Lifestyle” session.  A Lifestyle session is any moment or event in your life that you’d like to be remembered in a bigger way then just a memory in your head…  Such as Boudoir, maternity, sweet 16, etc.  During this session you choose location/activity and a few of your very favorite outfits.  These sessions are not posed, such as studio posing.  I would much rather see you going out shopping, playing ball with your son/daughter, going to the fair with your friends, or simply walking downtown with a close one.  Although you’re more than welcome to ask for a posed portrait of your family.



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