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March 19, 2012

Product talk : Waterproof iPhone case

I give my phone baths.  I let it fly through the air like a bird and fall hard on the asphalt like hail.  I allow it to go ski with my in the winter and go on roller-coasters in the summer without worrying it’ll fall and break.  My phone takes risks I’m unwilling to take.  It’ll go skydiving without a parachute and swim with sharks.  That’s how BOLD my phone became after I embraced it with my LIFEPROOF case.

I’ve had this case for about 8 months now.  It treated my quite well I should say.  It expands your possibilities of doing things with your phone.  And the LIFEPROOF team are coming up with great accessories for the case itself, such as ARMBANDS, WATERPROOF HEADPHONES (to listen underwater), and EXTENDERS to ensure that you get the most out of your phone.  

The downfalls of the Lifeproof case: it is only made for iPhone 4 and 4s.  No other phone or model of iPhone (but that’s just more of a reason to buy yourself the current iPhone, which now you can get the 4s for as little as $99!)  And they don’t recommend you to take the case off once you put it on.  Also the price could be cheaper, but you know, you get what you pay for, so we won’t count that as an actual downfall.  Other than that it’s magical! ;)

Be sure to watch the videos down at the bottom of the page.

Happy Monday hope everyone has a fantastic week ahead of them!