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March 27, 2012

Testing, testing… One, two.

When I was a kid, I always thought I was going to be some sort of a singer… Are you wondering whether or not I can sing? I can’t and I couldn’t even back then. Although I do sing my heart out when no one can hear me ;). For some reason I just “knew” that that is what I’ll be doing as my career. “Testing, testing… One, two.”

As much fun as it would be to do that, I don’t think anyone will want to work with a “singer” who can’t sing. So here I am today, as just me and get to pretend I can sing in the shower.

What I’m actually testing is my new gadget. Vitaliy surprised me yesterday with the new iPad3!! And I am now testing to see if I can blog easily on it or not… So far it’s pretty sweet and the keyboard is catching up with my speedy typing, ha ha. So if you’re a blogger and wondering if you should get one of these pups, I say definitely!

A screenshot of my dashboard and a shot taken with the 5mp camera to see if posting pictures works well on this WordPress app. What do you think?



March 16, 2012

iPhone Friday + A nifty Android App

I haven’t done an iPhone Friday Instagram post in a very very long time…  To be exact I haven’t posted one since October 2011.  That’s half a year!  So not to bore you I only chose a few since then to share with you guys (those not on Instagram).  I left out almost half and decided to get back to posting my weekly phone pictures.  So hopefully every Friday I’ll have only a few new ones to share and you don’t have to catch your eyes going all over the post.

You are probably wondering why on Earth iPhone and Android are in the same sentence, let alone a TITLE! ;)  Well I’ve got great news for you.   Instagram has reached 27 MILLION USERS!  And they are testing an Android app!!!  How exciting is that?  For you guys that are so faithful and loyal to your Android operating system and have been ever-so-patiently waiting, it’s COMING SOON!  I don’t know all the details but I know it’s passed the “making” and is already in the “testing” stage.  So grab your Androids and get excited….  Oh and check regularly for the app.

Happy Happy Friday!

March 13, 2012

iPad3 + Meet Sanibel

Good product sells fast.  Good product is usually expensive and is hard to find at reasonable price.  So when I say the new iPad3 has a breakthrough retina display, 5MP iSight camera, and 4G LTE, you’re probably cringing at the thought of how much exactly this sucker is going to cost you.  All cringing aside, it’ll be the same price as the iPad and iPad2!  Starting at only $499 it’ll be the best investment for any size business.  Of course this is only my own personal opinion.

Just how the Apple brand describes it, “It’s brilliant.  In every sense of the word.”  It truly is, I can only imagine how much nicer it is than any of the pictures they posted of it.  I don’t think I can describe how awesome it really is without wording it exactly the same as Apple, so you might as well head on over to their site and see for yourself what this breakthrough is all about.

On a side note, if you’re wondering whether or not this beautiful, colorful, and sweet bird is ours, it’s not.  We had Sanibel for about a week and fell in love with her personality so much, we thought of sharing her beautiful colors with you guys.  Enjoy!

Happy Tuesday!