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March 22, 2012

Idealizing life with my editing

During the slower times I still like to play around with pictures, but I’m not always finding the opportunity for an actual photo shoot of someone.  So I like to pack up my camera, tripod, and my good attitude and take off all by myself.  It’s a great way to spend time with yourself, thinking, idealizing life, and getting in touch with your inner-self.  There were some of you that asked who takes my pictures.  Well at times it’s Vitaliy but when he’s not available I take them myself.  Like HERE and HERE .  You can go and look through them again and see if you can spot the remote.  Toward the end I sort of forgot to “hide” it and it’s more visible than in other ones.  :)

I find it extremely easy to open up for the camera when there’s no one behind it.  I’ve never really had to or had the opportunity to, so I’m sort of wondering what it would be like and if I’d be an easy-to-shoot- model.  It’s fun to go out and do it on your own, but it’s pretty limited, there’s only so much you can do with a tripod rather than hands.   I found it rather difficult getting the right exposure on your camera in manual mode.  But I’m sort of a hard head when it comes to shooting anything but manual.  So some of them are a bit darker than what I like to shoot and all I did for editing was use the Lightroom preset that I blogged about HERE, called ‘Brightside | Lite’ …  Check it out, its pretty awesome.

Happy Thursday!

March 21, 2012

Going through the motions.

I wish I made a “Really Personal” category alongside the “personal” one, because this is where this post would be.  As I look back at the last two years of my photography business I can’t help but wonder how much further I’d have been if I pushed myself harder, dreamed bigger, and thought louder.  Two days from today will be exactly two years since I’ve started this blog.  The FIRST YEAR seemed to be so good.  I was on top of everything, my paperwork, my editing, and my taxes.  It was so exciting to do what I was doing.  The second year, it wasn’t so.  It all seemed too familiar to me.  I was simply going through the motions and not thinking about what I was doing.  I should have pushed myself to do better, go further, and aim higher.  But I didn’t.

My second year has brought me a lot of happiness, disappointment, and lessons.  Very…  Valuable…  Lessons!  I learned the meaning of fairness.  The meaning of friends changed completely for me.  And the saying, “I trust in God.”  became real for the first time in my life.  He took me through easy and smooth paths when He knew I couldn’t handle anything more.  He strengthened me.  Then came the hard and rough paths.  Paths that had sharp rocks and I had nothing but my bare feet to walk on.  Paths that brought me to my knees, making me stumble over obstacles, and fall into pot holes.  Really large pot holes.  I found refuge in His word then and He was with me during those dark and scary times.

So looking back, both of the years have truly been a blessing to me!  God heard my prayers and He worked in my heart more than ever in those years.  He always spoke very gently to me saying that I should keep my eyes on Him and He will work miracles!  I didn’t have faith, and despite my rebellious ways He didn’t leave me.  He was always there, speaking ever so gently to me.  And eventually I stopped going through the motions and started living every day as if it were my last.  And He gave me true happiness because He has a plan just for me.

I do hope you guys enjoy this photo from today, because tomorrow I’m planning quite an interesting post for you guys.  Enjoy.

Happy Wednesday! :D

March 17, 2012

For the coffee lover

Today I’m going to explain to you how to make a good and CHEAP cup of coffee!

1.  You GRIND the best Columbian Starbucks coffee you can find.

2.  Right away BREW the coffee.  Don’t let the grind sit for more than two minutes.

3.  POUR the coffee into a cute mug.  It has to be a cute mug, otherwise it won’t work.

4.  SCOUP two or three spoonfuls (depending on the size of your cute mug you may need more or less) of BRYERS CHOCOLATE ICECREAM and dump right into your coffee.

5.  ENJOY! :)


The ice-cream provides just the right amount of sweetness, milk, and chocolate.  Resulting in the perfect cup of cheap coffee.


Have a fantastic Saturday!

March 16, 2012

iPhone Friday + A nifty Android App

I haven’t done an iPhone Friday Instagram post in a very very long time…  To be exact I haven’t posted one since October 2011.  That’s half a year!  So not to bore you I only chose a few since then to share with you guys (those not on Instagram).  I left out almost half and decided to get back to posting my weekly phone pictures.  So hopefully every Friday I’ll have only a few new ones to share and you don’t have to catch your eyes going all over the post.

You are probably wondering why on Earth iPhone and Android are in the same sentence, let alone a TITLE! ;)  Well I’ve got great news for you.   Instagram has reached 27 MILLION USERS!  And they are testing an Android app!!!  How exciting is that?  For you guys that are so faithful and loyal to your Android operating system and have been ever-so-patiently waiting, it’s COMING SOON!  I don’t know all the details but I know it’s passed the “making” and is already in the “testing” stage.  So grab your Androids and get excited….  Oh and check regularly for the app.

Happy Happy Friday!

March 2, 2012

Downtown Staunton Lifestyle :: Eli

As I was working on these images, I was trying to think of a story of when we were younger (my brother and I) to post with these pictures, but I was drawing blank.  Until, I remembered a simple and short memory instead.  I remembered a time when my brother hugged me.  It wasn’t the kind of hug that your mom makes you give to your little siblings because you had to as part of your apology.  It was a simple hug that meant the world to me because it was…  Just because.  It wasn’t the first hug, but it was a different kind of hug.  Something that felt like I’m-so-glad-you’re-in-my-life kind of hug.  Remembering that small memory, I thank God for blessing me with a brother and two sisters.  He could have just made a couple have one child and no more, but no, we are able to have someone who we call, brother or someone who we call, sister.  I thank Him for that.

Older siblings are better than young, I don’t know how any of them put up with me when we were younger.  At age three I’d always break their toys, scribble on their homework, or spill drinks on their things.  I would not have liked me if I had myself as a little sister.  But God shows mercy upon each and every one of us and to me, He made me the youngest. Ha ha.  He just somehow knew that I needed older siblings than young ones.  He knew that if I was the oldest and had three younger siblings, I wouldn’t be able to survive the pressure, the responsibility, and the diaper changes.  ;)  Therefore He made my wonderful sister Ann the oldest and she was a great role-model to us all.  Which by the way celebrated her birthday yesterday.  Eli following her, with being the only brother we three sisters needed.  Olga, the third in row, being the first of us to make it to a classy University…  And me…  Just plain me. :)

I have a lot to be thankful for.

Eli, I can’t say thank you enough times for coming out and being my model…  You were a natural pro. ;)

December 26, 2011

Staunton Lifestyle :: The Wheeler Family

It was March 2011.  It was still chilly outside though the weather tried to fool us every now and then with a few additional snow flakes here and there. We opened the double white door and stepped inside of what became one of our favorite places to be at.  Quietly and swiftly we found ourselves a seat on the very last pew, not wanting to get any more attention than we have already.  And it began…  The very first day of a new chapter in our lives.  One that has changed every aspect of our existence.  We sat through the service, first being skeptical, later relaxing, and by the end we felt like this is where we belong.  Afterwards we were ambushed by a crowd of warm hugs, smiles and loving people.  And then we went over to house that serves the Lord.  A house that you feel radical love and never ending care.  This is the house of our dear Pastor Wheeler and his lovely wife Maureen.

It was December 2011.  Not as cold as we remember last year to have been but chilly.  The weather tried to fool us into thinking it was spring every now and then with a  few additional warm breezes here and there.  We opened our front door and packed the car with our camera equipment and took off to Staunton.  The second best place in Virginia (the first being Alexandria, of course).  Arriving we met the rest of the Wheeler family (though three siblings were still missing) and fell in love with each and every one of them especially little baby Sadie.  And the rest I’ll let the pictures explain…

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Ashely and Sterling…  And cute baby Sadie.  ;)

So adorable!

Lindsey and Willis.

With his boys…  Missing Benge and Bryan.

With her girls. ;) Missing Tracy.

Meegan (on the right) is a beautiful and very special girl!  We love her and she makes us all smile…  And she gives some of the best hugs ;)

Ashely the youngest daughter and her husband Sterling.

Lindsey and her husband Willis.

Maureen and Pastor Bryan Wheeler.

Ashley suggested the “shoes shot”

Such a blessed family!

Pastor Wheeler and his girls :)

Love them!

This is what love looks like…

And Willis was extremely kind enough to snap one of us…

Merry Christmas!