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April 17, 2012

Subie’s day out

I sit, I lay, I check the perimeter. I stare out the window and bark at those that pass by. Story of my life.


March 1, 2012

Animal Loving

Came across some warm and sunny pictures taken last Summer, that I’ve never had the chance to post up.  They made me feel all warm and fuzzy, almost as if I was right there in real life.   I remembered how nice Summer was and all of a sudden wished the cold days good-bye…  Those that know me, know how crazy I am about Fall and Winter!  For some reason the colder weather really brings out the “let’s look on the bright side” attitude.  And snow…  Well let’s just say if I lived in a place where snow is a daily thing, I wouldn’t complain about cold for a minute.  I even somehow tend to over-look the grey and dirty snow the next day after snow fall.  And those early morning snowy visits to Momma’s house with hot cocoa…  Mmm, need I say more?

Back 10 years ago, when our family moved from Broadway, Va to Bridgewater, Va, we were about half a mile away from a house who we quickly became friends with.  They had four kids and there was four of us, so every snow fall they’d walk over to our house, (and back then Virginia was more snow-covered then these years) so you can only imagine how tough that walk must have been (they deserve the credit).  They’d come over from morning and stay all the way to the evening and we were outside until our fingers froze.  We’d run inside for an hour or so, wait till our gloves dried a bit, drank hot cocoa and run back out.  I keep saying we, but I believe it was more of me being the observer of how much fun they were having.  I was only about 8-9…  The rest of the kids where in their two digit number years, so I was considered to be “no fun”.  I remember though…  Watching them rub snow in each others faces, sneaking a snow ball inside someone else’s jacket, or some even thought about putting a rock into their snowballs.  I thought they were all quite clever.  Those were really the good ol’ days…  Even if I wasn’t part of them, I had quite a good laugh or two from watching them.  :)

Did the room just become cold?  Thinking of cold weather will do that, so shifting the subject onto warm and sunny.  I have to admit, I think my skin, body, and health are longing for the warmer days.  Beach, Pina Coladas, and bikinis all sound good right about now.  Hey even if you’re not at the beach, days spent in nothing but shorts and tee-shirts is good enough!

Polly’s Kitty…  She was so tiny back then and even though Polly aged a year she looks the same.

Subie meeting a friend.  I was quite surprised how “ok” the cat was with her.

Getting playful.

This is where they start getting rough, once Kitty clawed Subie’s eye.

I love how this cat is so brave… Taking on some one three times her body mass.

Snif snif.

And they make up. ;)

I think the next shot is my favorite…  You can really see the tongue.

Have a blessed day!

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